Meryl Streep’s Comments and People’s Reactions to Them

There was an article showing the video of Meryl Streep and her soapbox routine to bash President-Elect Trump. A woman had posted her opinion on the matter, stating that she loves Streep, but lost respect for her for using her award speech as a semi-roasting session, and was completely jumped all over and bashed for stating her opinion. The last time I checked, this is America and we are all entitled to our opinions, so I had to respond in the most unbiased manner I could think of. The following is the response I had written (which ironically has been completely ignored on the thread, which I find amusing). I have edited out the name of her person being bashed with asterisks for her privacy and protection, but this is a prime example of how the American divide is being caused not by the politicians or the Hollywood Elite, but by ourselves. 

I normally don’t post on sites like this…. especially based on what I’m seeing here. You can take what I say with a grain of salt, because personally, I’m not for either side at this point. Here is what I’m seeing though…. and it’s happening alot all over the internet: it’s the mindset of “everyone is entitled to their opinion because we have free speech…. unless I don’t agree with your opinion, and then you’re wrong.” P***** B***** had an opinion and stated it as is her right, yet was jumped all over for saying it? Something is seriously broken in this country when people jump all over someone and resort to name calling just because they utilize their 1st Amendment right. I do agree that Meryl Streep should not have used this as a political platform. I like watching things like the Emmys, or Golden Globes, SAG Awards, etc, because I like seeing artists get awards for working their butts off and earning them, but when they start to use it as a political soapbox, even I have to admit it’s a little bit of a turn off. Mad respect to anyone who is not afraid to state their opinion, but there is a time and a place and in MY opinion, this was neither the time NOR the place. Jump on me all you want… but what I just said is coming from a Democrat who has been completely disgusted with the way the DNC has been conducting itself. The insults that I see flying around…. is that the legacy you really want to leave? Is that the way you want your children to behave? Because they learn from us, and if we can’t be civil and have a calm and rational debate without acting like a bunch of monkeys flinging feces at one another, how can we expect the next generation to be any better? Like Trump, hate Trump, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, he will be sworn into office on the 20th, and all we can do right now is hope for the best…. but if we want to come together and be the strong country I know we can be (or at least HOPE we can be), we have to be the best of humanity. How can we expect this new president to even TRY and succeed if we all keep acting like a bunch of animals towards one another? How many of you are religious people? Have you even bothered to read your Bible from cover to cover? Did not your Jesus say to love one another? Conversely, why is it taking a lifelong Pagan to remind you of this? To be strong, we must come together as one. Not divide ourselves further with this “Us vs. Them” attitude. It’s not our politicians or as was so eloquently put “the Tangerine Twat” that I’m losing faith in…. it’s humanity itself.


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