A Philosophical Conundrum Regarding Today’s Politics

In this blog, I am not going to add any fun pictures. I am not going to rant. I am simply going to compose my thoughts on our recent political situation, which seems to have vastly mutated over the past 8 years… and certainly over this past election season.

I have been educating myself on many different things, and politics became a very interesting topic to me because I have been watching events unfold where people are trying to supress our basic 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech if they do not agree with our views. Often with violence, which in and of itself is puzzling to say the least. 

As a registered Democrat, I am actually embarrased by the behavior of the far left “Liberals.” I try to keep in mind that the vast majority of them have grown up into adulthood during the Obama Adminstration. When Obama ran (and yes, I’ll catch Hell for this), I saw through his charismatic facade as he was “Uniting  the People.” The oddity became apparent when I noticed that he wasn’t uniting, but in reality he was dividing… by race, social class, giving leeway to the BLM, sexuality, and religion. In the beginning it actually became apparent that his views on religion were skewed to say the least by being spotted at both a Mosque (in the beginning of his Presidency) and a Christian church. Then his birth certificate came under intense scrutiny. You see, I actually do know the difference between a “Live Birth Certificate,” and a “Certificate of Live Birth,” because my stepfamily (Sister, neices, nephews) reside in Israel. My Step-Sister has dual citizenship between the United States and Israel, as does my Step-Father, who actually resides in the US. Before my nieces and nephews turned 18, they had to come to America, and go to the State that my Step-Dad lives in, in order to get the “Live Birth Certificate.” (I may have the two mixed up, so I will confirm with my Israeli family and edit when I can). One says you were born on US soil. The other says you were born in a foreign country, but have confirmation of birth to a United States Citizen living abroad (generally equating in a dual citizenship). When my oldest nephew was taken to the State Capitol, he was sworn in as a US Citizen, and granted a US Birth Certificate, even though he was born and raised in Israel. This included his photo on the Certificate… I still suspect this is what Obama has. This first hand knowledge alone was enough to make me raise the proverbial eyebrow, especially since the press had leaked that Obama went to College on a Foreign Student Scholarship right before his school records were sealed. Again, whether this is true or not, I cannot confirm myself and therefore is based on pure speculation. The end result was that I did not vote for him either time because he lost my trust.

Now, after his two terms are up, I am watching these college aged “Liberals” wreak havoc, as they had grown up under the most basic Socialist Ideology. Again, they do their damndest to supress other people’s Freedom of Speech when they do not agree. They refuse to engage in healthy debate, and effectively parrot (almost verbatim) what the Liberal Mainstream Media was saying about Trump. I can guarantee you that 90% of those people had never even HEARD the word “Xenophobia” before this, and probably never bothered to look up the meaning. It literally means an unfounded fear of strangers! Now they toss around their shiny new word (along with the “Islamaphobia” which was literally created by the far left. It would mean an unfounded fear of Islam, but if you read the Q’uran, you will see this fear is NOT unfounded, but a very real concern based on the texts of Islam itself according to people who were raised in and converted from Islam).

Therefore, I decided to further look into the political machine and peel back it’s layers. I never really identified with the Republican party because they have lost touch with the meaning of Conservative. They have tweaked it into something very Christian and also oppressive. However, I agree with some of it… smaller Government, conservative fiscal spending, etc. Then I found a kindred spirit in Mark Pellegrino as the Co-Founder of the Capitalist Movement. I listened intently to an interview he had with Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report, along with some personal guidance and explanations, and what he laid out actually made sense to me in it’s entirety, because it’s rooted in individual accountability (and yes, much more that I’m still learning. Im relatively new to this realm). It literally takes the best of both parties and forms something that creates a Political Balance… a very “middle of the road” approach. It taught me that I no longer fit into today’s version of the Democratic Party, because the FAR left (or “regressive left,” as Rubin called it) has become in and of itself oppressive and frightening. Almost Communistic/Marxist in it’s ideology… political correctness (having to carefully choose every word so as not to hurt delicate feelings), supression of the 1st Amendment, rioting, vandalizing property, and becoming violent toward other individuals when they don’t get their way.

So after a long explanation, I will now get on to my question. Has the Democratic Party mutated into something unrecognizable in the last decade? Or has this always been there, and I’m just now seeing it as I get older, wiser, and more educated on the political front? Yes, I am a registered Democrat… yes, I still have Liberal ideals that lay somewhere in the middle of that and Conservative… and yes, I HAVE been paying more attention to what’s going on and no longer living in my own little bubble. However, I am embarrased by what it’s become, and I will more likely than not be changing my party affiliation to Independent. I have come out of my little hermit crab shell, and looking for something that has a better fit. 

With all that being said, I will close this out by saying that in order to truly be at peace in this country, we need to accept each other… Not within the circles of social labels given to us (right, left, liberal, conservative, LGBTQ, Christian, Athiest, Pagan, Muslim, Black, White, Brown, or Red), and unite as individuals. We need to accept people for who they are, because to do anything otherwise is dangerous to our civilization. Don’t live your life to be a label, but live it for YOU. Peace be with you all!

~Kristi S~