I’m Tired of People Being Ugly to Each Other

“Mostly I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There’s too much of it.”

If anyone has ever seen “The Green Mile,” by Stephen King, you will know the above quote by the character John Coffey.  So why do I bring up a movie quote, you might ask?  I have been witnessing this ugliness more and more, especially in this past year. It’s as though either too many people in the world no longer care, or they have lost their souls entirely. I understand how easy it is to be an egotistical asshole when you’re barricaded anonymously behind the safety of your keyboard, but it seems that this displaced anger is being directed at the wrong targets. People want to be mad? I get it! Hell, I’m behind a keyboard myself right now for the same reason… because I’m mad.  The only difference is that I still have a heart and soul that won’t let me lash out with the insane intent of hurting others needlessly.


A friend of mine posted today this video of a very beautiful girl dancing in her undergarments. For the sake of privacy, I’m not going to show the actual video or even a screen shot of it, for that matter. However, the girl who was dancing had the body of a classic beauty. In fact, she had the exact same body style as one of the biggest sex symbols of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe. She was confident, curvy, and looked as though she was having a good time. My guess is that she made this video because she found her renewed self confidence after having actually lost a great deal of weight, and was showing off her new body. Yet someone in the comment section was shallow enough to say something to the effect of, “how sad for her… that’s just gross.” We aren’t talking about someone who was morbidly obese, we were talking about a woman who just wasn’t rail thin and 98 pounds soaking wet! I posted photos of Marilyn Monroe in her swimsuit without the girdle that gave her the renowned hourglass figure that we all remember from her dresses in her films. To me, this was a classic case of an ugly heart who had to sound off and was possibly not comfortable in her own skin. Many women are getting catty online and bullying those who don’t have the body of a walking twig. Thank you for that, by the way, Hollywood.

I have seen people bullying our celebs that do so much for us in the Supernatural Family as well. How horrible and ugly of a heart do you have to have to bully a cast that does so much for this family of ours? These are men and women who make themselves accessible to us, the Fandom, and sometimes even become friends with us on a more personal level. They put themselves out there for us and treat us as equals.  They are some of the most humble, caring, giving, beautiful souls I have ever met. Our political views or even our religious views may not always be the same, but we all respect one another. We (the TRUE fans) love seeing the pictures of their beautiful families that they don’t have to share with the world… but they do because that’s what families do online these days: share family moments. Yet, for some reason, this younger disillusioned (or delusional) generation send hate to the beautiful wives of our boys, and for what? They are our brothers and sisters, and we should be happy they have been so lucky in life. It escapes my comprehension that people can be so cruel to some of the most special and loving people on the planet. Especially when there are so many stars that could give two shits about their fans and are completely inaccessible. We have been lucky, because Supernatural, a show that was only slated to last 5 seasons and now confirmed for a 13th because they know how much we (the Fandom) care about them, has become not just a show…. But a life experience! 

On to other things, I have already had my little rant over Meryl Streep using her Golden Globe acceptance speech as a political platform to roast President-Elect Trump. Meanwhile, there was a disabled man who was kidnapped, beaten, terrorized, tortured, made to say F@#K Trump, and F@#K white people, on Facebook LIVE! An obvious hate crime, but I guess because the victim was white and the assailants weren’t, that wasn’t worth mentioning in her little tirade because Streep was so busy bashing Trump that she either didn’t think of this poor guy, or simply didn’t care because it didn’t fit her agenda.

American morals and values have become so completely skewed and twisted, that I can’t even say it’s the left or the right doing it. It’s people in general! My Goddess, if I wanted to kill myself, it would be so easy to do…. All I would have to do is climb up on the ego of Americans, and jump to their general IQs! Believe me, THAT would be a long and fatal fall!

Is it too much to ask that America takes a collective chill pill?     


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