Regarding my Twitter Live Feed from May 2, 2018

This is a speech I had written on May 2nd, 2018 for the cyberbullies who are currently attacking Castiel’s Angels. I posted this as a live video, and for whatever reason this was twisted. First, let me begin by saying that I am a Freelance Paralegal, which in MY state is perfectly legal, and while I actually DID attend pre-law, in our state, courses and training, degrees and certificates are not a requirement in my state. As a freelancer, the only time I am required to be under attorney supervision is when I am HIRED by that attorney since I am representing their firm, and must do as they say. However, here, there are legal form stores that are strictly Paralegal run. Laws vary from state to state. A quick disclaimer, I am not an attorney,nor do I claim to be. I do not give legal advice, I will always direct you to an attorney (and believe me,I know many). I WILL however file forms for you because that is what I am trained to do and what I legally CAN do. Regarding Attorney/Client privilege, I am held under the same Canons that a member of the American Bar Association is held under, and therefore cannot divulge any private information or information on anyone I am currently pending paperwork for. That being said, the following is what I said in my live feed word for word which was twisted worse than an F7 tornado.

Just a little reminder about a few things that have been happening lately. There are some of you that know me well, and some of you don’t know me at all, and that’s ok. That’s why as someone in the legal field I am doing this solo video to explain a few things. A few years back, a wonderful group of fans headed by Vic, founded Castiel’s Angels. At that time it was supposed to be a fan run group to aid the actors in their various campaigns and charities by helping them to promote tee shirt sales, and to purchase shirts for those in the fandom that couldn’t afford one. Needless to say at that time, NOBODY could foresee the future of the group, which is now becoming an organization. In wanting to help out with the plethora of charities that the cast of Supernatural supports, such as Random Acts, Stomp out Bullying, To Write Love on her Arms, Attitudes in Reverse, My Hope Chest, among many others, the Angels started handcrafting jewelry to auction off and sell so they could send the money to the charities directly once the tee shirt campaigns were over with.
Now the Angels have grown into a group that has actually gone international in a very short time. Keep in mind that the intent behind Castiel’s Angels was never to try and gain notoriety, nor to get close to any of the actors. Aside from the various cast charities, they have saved lives by providing a lifeline of sorts for people to reach out to and even raised funds to help with the medical bills and financial needs of various members of the SPN Family. In this last year, C.A. has grown exponentially and it has been difficult for Victoria to keep up with all of the orders, requests, mailers, making things, going to school full time AND working full time, which until recently she has done on her own. Now she has people all over the world wanting to become a part of C.A. to help. This has happened in a VERY whirlwind timeframe!
Now for the legalities. Vic DOES keep receipts of every donation and supply purchase, which she is currently working on organizing. She’s learning as she goes, kind of like learning to fly an airplane while you’re building it. As with EVERY charity, there will be a cost overhead called an “operating budget.” This is the money that is used when supplies need to be purchased, a website needs to be built, an office needs to be rented, techs need to be paid, or any surprise extras (like having to retain an attorney) come up. When a charity ends, the money spent out of that budget is replenished before the rest goes to the charities. This is why you’ll often see the coveted “proceeds go to charity X,” disclaimer. There IS actually an overhead to running a non-profit organization. I am sympathetic to the fact that most people do not understand how this works, and have the misconception that every single dime goes to a charity. Do you honestly think Represent makes their tee-shirts for campaigns for free, or that Goodwill employees don’t get paid?
Every state is different in their laws regarding non-profit entities, and you can always read up on yours. In OUR state, a N.P. MUST have at LEAST 5 local (in state) members to even be able to file for a 501(c)3 with the Secretary of State. AFTER that is done, a 1023 Tax Exemption form with your entity name on it is filed with the IRS with an EIN (different than a Social Security number, for those of you who have never had to file a corporate tax return).
It’s really easy to sit back and say things like “I’m going to report them to the IRS,” or “they aren’t legitimate,” etc. However, there’s A LOT that goes into formulating a non-profit and it IS very time consuming. For the record, in order to find a Social Security number, full name, address, and date of birth on someone to try to “report them to the IRS” is called “doxxing” which falls under the legal category of cyber stalking which is punishable by up to 10 years in a Federal Prison according to the United States Penal Codes, so you might want to rethink that little idea since we aren’t talking about a visit by the police, a slap on the wrist, and a misdemeanor ticket here.
Now, let’s stop the hate and the bullying. Let’s knock it off with the childish crap, and let’s get this off the ground as a legitimate non-profit (which by the way is different than a “charity). Castiel’s Angels wants more than anything to do good in this world, and I am here to make sure that happens despite the diatribes on Twitter to get people’s attention about rumors and screenshots. Children do that sort of thing, not fully grown supposedly “intelligent” adults. We have A LOT of work to do, yes. Do we need to chill out on some things as far as what we say? Absolutely. However, if you are going to fight against even letting Castiel’s Angels get off the ground because of whatever issues you are going through, then we have a problem. One last thing to remember…. Victoria is a human being, and a wonderful one at that. If you’re main purpose of trying to derail her is because of who she may or may not associate with in her DMs or by phone (which I have never personally witnessed by the way), then I have a newsflash for you…. It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! It’s HER personal business as to whom she associates with on or offline. Forget about what she does in her free time, because it has no effect on your life whatsoever. Should she decide to share her personal stuff with you, then that’s fully and completely up to you. If you want to DM ME asking me legitimate questions about the plans for the future of Castiel’s Angles, by all means DO SO. I will help in any way I can. However, if I start getting more DMs asking about Victoria’s personal associations, I curse you to an eternity as Hellhound chow. I will say this once and once only… it is NOT my place, and you WILL not get information from me to try and use against her, because I don’t play those silly games.


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