A Modern Tyranny

I have been reading and studying the strategies of the far left masquerading under the guise of the Democratic Party from various sources (I.E. media from both sides of the isle, postings on Twitter and other Social Media, and general observation based on logic), and what I see regarding the future of the Democratic Party scares the Hell out of me! When I lay this out, please keep in mind that this is merely an opinion piece and has no bearing on what may or may not really be going on. However, it is always good to keep an open mind, because what I have seen can seriously be a threat to the sovereignty of our Republic here in the United States of America. I ask only that you digest what you read here and formulate your own conclusions, because the future of our Nation is at stake.

First of all I would like to say that I see so many people refer to the USA as being a Democracy. While yes, this is true to a certain degree, we are a Republic. “Democracy” is a misnomer used to give people a warm fuzzy feeling as to the construction of our Government. In truth, only the individual states have their own democracies and Governments. As a whole, the Nation is a Republic in which each state gives their voice of the people by representation which is part of the Electoral College. The Electoral College reflects the number of votes of the people and acts as a “foreman” of sorts by saying “this is the wish and the will of the people.” By abolishing that system, the voices of the people in other less densely populated states would have ZERO voice and their votes would actually be invalidated simply because there are less people in those states. To abolish that system would be taking away states’ rights altogether! The Electoral College gives EVERY state an equal say on who they feel would be best suited for the outcome of an election. The Forefathers of our Nation saw this, and thus set up a system in which ¾ of the states would have to vote in the affirmative to change the 12th Amendment, making it EXTREMELY difficult to ratify or repeal an Amendment. This is why our Constitution has remained fixed since its inception. It is MUCH easier to ratify than it is to repeal, and for good reason! The Democratic Party seems to have the idea that the Constitution is constantly in flux, or at least they would have you believe so. For example, you cannot impeach a President simply because you don’t like him. There has to be proof BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that the sitting President has indeed committed a crime against the country, and said impeachment has to pass NOT ONLY through Congress but the Senate as well. We saw that with former President Bill Clinton, who was impeached by one body but not the other, allowing him to remain in office through his full two terms.

Now I am sure you are asking why I am bringing this up. The Democratic Party of modern times is trying to perform a Political Coup, and they have been doing so since right before the 2016 election which in my opinion is treasonous in and of itself. They have been trying to dismantle our Constitution for the past couple of years for the sole purpose of regaining power, doing everything they can from trying to disarm a Nation (citizens should have access to weapons on par with the Military in order to even out the playing field), suppressing free speech (not allowing one Party to speak while allowing the other to pontificate with wild abandon), and now trying to abolish the Electoral College (the only system that gives each state an equal voice in an election). In short, they are trying to take over Washington for their own gain. I can only hope that Americans will finally open their eyes to the gravity of this situation, and soon! The left is promising this “Utopia” that will only end in the downfall of America and all of her glory, and the citizens will be the ones to pay the price.

There is a faction of Americans who are falling for their ruse hook, line, and sinker by thinking of “free” everything not realizing (or caring) that “free” is just a pretty bow because the promises being made are NOT “free,” but paid for by others which would crush the middle class in taxes and eventually that money will run out. They want to have a Government that is integrated in every aspect of our lives from healthcare (which yes, needs to have an overhaul admittedly), what we eat, what we buy, how we work, what we get paid ($15 an hour sounds great until small businesses go under because people don’t understand the overhead involved in running say….. a donut shop), what we drive, and what we wear. They want to patriate us into their vision and will do so via universities/colleges and public schools, starting at a young age.

This all sounds wonderful and full of bliss until you peel away the layers to see the devious underbelly of the Global plan. The Democratic Party fits the VERY definition of a Tyrannical Government, which is the ONE thing our Constitution was constructed to prevent! There is a reason that they are targeting the Millennials, because they are the one demographic who is still young enough to be molded and old enough to be interested in politics. Think about this: everyone who hates our President will repeat the same lines that the D-Politicians repeat as a mantra verbatim. I wish I knew the brainwashing coach the Democrats use in order to quit smoking because I have a feeling that particular form of hypnotism would work wonders! They discourage free thinking and encourage the ultimate “group think.” This is the same strategy that has been used throughout history by EVERY dictator that has ever existed, and it has ALWAYS ended in disaster… not only economically, but also in A LOT of death!

As you can see by my observations, they are Tyrants who will stop at NOTHING to gain power and they are using us as pawns to do so. We CANNOT allow this to happen because again, this threatens our very sovereignty as a Nation! They are twisting good to look evil and evil to look good. If you would like to see an example (although it is fiction), I implore you to read the book or watch the movie “The Giver,” because THAT is the type of society the left would like us to become. It’s a frightening thought, and yet it is a very real vision! I sincerely hope people start to open their eyes as to what is going on before it’s too late.


The Nature of the Intellect

Lately, it almost seems like words elude me in the world we are now a part of. We either have the “right” or the “left,” and the only people with any common sense left have abandoned all hope of ever reconnecting with either side. All rationale has gone out the window when it comes to having a reasonable discussion and meeting of the minds in an exchange of ideas, leaving a stagnant animosity in it’s wake. It’s only in the middle where one can feel like they are getting something accomplished on an intellectual level without resorting to the childish name calling I have been seeing become more predominant online.

Those of us who have jumped ship on the political parties have done so because we want to grow as people… as intellectuals… as “thinkers.” When we are bullied for our positions, we simply walk away because there are so many people trying to tell us how we MUST think, act, and feel. We are the TRUE non-conformists.

Historically, the collective masses have wanted to be led like sheep to the slaughter, which is why there have always been so many Dynasties, Monarchies, Dictators, et al. People in power who tell the “little people” what they are supposed to do. It was expected that you were to conform or die. The witch trials of Salem in 1692 is an excellent example of this, as well as the way the Middle East is currently run in it’s horrid oppression of the people (who are apparently STARTING to wake up in some regions). North Korea right now is the BEST example: a megalomaniac child who will kill anyone who doesn’t act like they are in Disneyland on State run Television for the outside world to see and who will kill anyone who has one spec of dust on their mandatory picture of Kim Sun Il in their homes. People are LITERALLY eating dirt in these areas of the world, and we are worried about a 4 to 8 year term of a Reality Star President?? All because the Socialist Left thought they had their election bought and paid for with the person who was to be installed. Yes… INSTALLED as President (NOT elected).

Look, I’m not a supporter of our current President, admittedly. However, I am intelligent enough to not let my emotions get in the way when it comes to him doing something good for this Nation, just as I am critical when he does something messed up. Remember, this is a man who was NEVER a Politician before, which is something I try to take into consideration before I make an assumption about what he’s doing. We are a free Nation, and it’s sickening to me that we have groups WITHIN this Nation that are trying to suppress our Constitutional Rights, or that feel that we have to think the way they do in order to be accepted. Part of the joys of being a non-conformist is that I really don’t give a shit if you don’t like the way I think. I did give a shit for a while, and it almost destroyed me, but now I have discovered the joys of the block and mute buttons because to be quite honest, the ONLY people I care about regarding their opinions of me are the people I consider family and friends. It’s that circle of trust thing that keeps me going.

Honestly, I think Social Media has become a double edged sword… on one hand, it’s brought us closer to our relations and people that we respect; but on the other hand, it’s opened us up to a whole new world of idiocy that we MUST learn to ignore (ESPECIALLY when it comes to Trolls).

In closing I would like to say this: be glad that you are in a country where you have opportunities. They don’t just fall in your lap, you have to seek them out. Don’t let morons get the better of you. Above all, exercise your Constitutional Rights which are inalienable, but don’t stomp over and infringe on those same rights of others just because they think differently than you. Our individuality is what makes each and every one of us a beautiful being, and we MUST have respect for our fellow men and women. You have ONE job as a human being, and that is to be the best YOU that you can be!

Socialist Insanity and Misinformation

I could sit here and write a dissertation called “What Happened,” very much like Hillary did, only my connotations behind it would have a VERY different meaning.  When I ask that question, it’s not out of confusion…. Well, ok, to a point it is I suppose… but more a question of what happened to our youth and their way of thinking about politics and how they should work.  What happened in schools, where our Millennials are being indoctrinated into the work of a neo-Marxist idea of a “utopian society” wherein everyone is equal?  What happened to proper Civics classes being taught in schools to teach our youth how Government actually works?  Above all, what happened to the adults running the show on this crazy train?  This, my dear friends, is exactly what I feared would happened with the “Participation Trophy Era.” 

I have been watching events unfold on that news that quite frankly scares the living hell out of me when I’m watching kids (anyone under the age of 30) try to push so hard for a Socialist America.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York who just won the Primary for the Democratic Party is a prime example.  I don’t know what scared me more… that she thinks Socialism is a “good and wonderful thing” or that she holds a degree in Economics! I digress, I do have to give credit where credit is due, in that our youth is becoming more and more interested in politics, and yes, that’s a great thing.  After all, who will carry the torch of Liberty once us old folk are no longer on this Earthly plane?  CJ Pearson and Kyle Kashuv hold GREAT promise in the realm of the politico machine, and as teenagers, they are already establishing their platforms and are giving me hope that my children and my grandchildren will still have someone fighting for their freedom long after I am gone.

I doubt this article/blog will reach more than a handful of people, but I hope those that read it will take to heart what I am about to dig into in the meat of my ramblings.  You see, I am taking into consideration that our Millennial youth (those that are now of voting age) grew up during the Obama Regime and saw our freedoms being stripped away bit by bit, not only by the Destroyer-In-Chief (to whom I refer as the do-nothing President), and his bizarre policies are really all they know.  These poor misguided kids had to go to school during the Common Core age, which was a Government mandated curriculum.  Living in Nevada, I feel fortunate in that our School District (which ironically rates as one of the worst in the country), the ONLY area Common Core really took hold was in the way of mathematics.  Our CCSD actually ENCOURAGES free thought, and teaches TRUE history (the good AND the bad), because they believe here that in order for a society to thrive, we need to know America’s dirty, often bloody and inhumane history so that we do not repeat it again.   With the Obama Administration in charge during those most impressionable years, it really is no wonder that our Millennials are so confused and backwards with regards to how Government really works!

Just the other day, I read some interesting Twitter comments such as David Hogg (of the Parkland School Shooting incident) who said that President Trump should repeal the Patriot Act.  What Mr. Hogg did NOT understand was that the Patriot act was passed through Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush.  While I didn’t agree with some of the facets of the Patriot Act, I understood WHY it was passed, as the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001 had just happened and we had sleeper cells right here in America.  This act gave the Government access to certain points of a civilian’s life if they were suspected of having ties to terrorist organizations.  Unfortunately, Obama expanded on it and abuse the NSA to “spy” on the wrong people. Obama was SO liberal with his pen by way of Executive Orders (herein to be known as EOs), he bypassed Congress on many levels, which is how we ended up with DACA, which wasn’t done by way of legal channels.  Look, anyone who knows me, knows that I couldn’t stand Obama, I didn’t like where he was headed on his policies, and to be perfectly frank, he almost completely tanked America by letting other countries take financial advantage of us… to our own peril in some cases (read a few articles about the money sent overseas that actually went to help funding organizations such as Al Qaida, the Taliban, ISIS (just to name a few).  Let’s also not forget the Bengazi mess.  HOWEVER, being an American, even if I didn’t like the man in the Oval Office, I still respected the highest ranking office in our Nation. I smelled trouble when he  won the nomination the first time around.  In my opinion, he (or the DNC) stole that nomination from Hillary Clinton, who I was planning on voting for at that time.  Yet 8 years of working for Obama completely corrupted her and I could not in good faith vote for her in 2016. 

Now we hear cries and shouts from the far left (ESPECIALLY from Maxine Waters) calling for President Trump’s impeachment… from day ONE.  What she doesn’t understand is that the President has to do something illegal, it has to be proven, and it doesn’t necessarily remove him from office.  Those of us old enough to recall the Bill Clinton days learned that.  Yes, he WAS actually impeached… but not because he had an affair (consensual or not, that’s still up for debate), but because he obstructed justice.  As for Maxine Waters (who I might add makes roughly $171,000 per year, yet lives like a queen in her $4.5M mansion which is far from her district), she has crossed into some dangerous rhetoric that she KNOWS will eventually and ultimately result in violence. Impeaching her from office would be great, but honestly I think that would be WAY too good for her.  In my opinion, she should be censured so that she loses that beautiful pension of hers.  Of course know she won’t agree to that and will have to be removed kicking and screaming while she’s showing off her new “I love me jacket” fashion statement.  It seems this has become a problem among certain members who have become career politicians.  Money has corrupted them to the point to where they know they are rabidly losing their cash cows such as the disintegration of the ObamaCare tax mandate.  Seriously guys, HOW do you think these people are becoming the wealthy elitists they are?

Now we get on to censorship, which is something that drives me absolutely guano!  You see, the Democratic Party IS the “party of slavery.”  People are starting to see this, which is what sparked the whole Walk Away movement… especially our African-American brothers and sisters.  I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine who is melanin rich, and he said to me that he doesn’t like being labelled “African-American,” because it fits into the identification politics the Dems play so well.  He told me this, “I have never been to Africa. I am an American… period.” He also brought up a VERY good point about this immigration crisis we are currently having (and no, I am NOT getting into the detention facility debacle at this time because that in and of itself has no relevance to what I’m about to say): the left WANTS people to cross illegally because once they do, they pretty much have to work under the table for daily cash then send money home to their families via Western Union.  The REASON they want people to do this is because they will work our fields for a ridiculously low (and mostly illegal) wage, meanwhile, they are provided food and shelter.  This is merely a more modernized form of slavery, which was an angle I hadn’t considered until recently. This is why the left simultaneously tries to destroy monuments from the Civil War… it’s NOT because the monuments aren’t P.C., but each time someone learns about the Confederate Soldiers, and their president Jefferson Davis (who was a Democrat, by the way), it exposes more and more of the party’s dirty little secrets.  They are trying to change and rewrite history, and if there’s ONE thing that Ancient Egypt has taught us…. The truth never stays buried forever.  If it did, we would know nothing about Hatshepsut and Akhenaten. 

Getting back to what I was initially saying about the Socialist way of running a country; from everything I have seen in today’s world, and everything I have read about since I am an avid history buff, it ALWAYS ends badly.  Mot to mention that there is a VERY fine line between Socialism and Communism, which is NOT what this country was founded on.  Of course, every time a Socialist country falls into ruin and it’s people starve to death, the same excuse is ALWAYS used: but that’s not REAL Socialism. Please enlighten us then, what IS real Socialism, and how would you KNOW if it’s real or not since apparently in this alternate universe the far left lives in, “True Socialism” has never been tried.  Actually, yes it has, and there’s a reason Venezuela keeps being brought into conversational rebuttals, because THAT is true Socialism.  

What amuses me to no end are all of the Hollywood leftists talk a big talk about how wealth is in need of redistribution, because they are the ultimate (and apparently the most clueless) humanitarians.  Allow me to take a moment to explain why this is not a good thing.  Your mansions and condos that are worth millions?  You could kiss them bye-bye, along with your back accounts and fancy vehicles, because Socialism would put everyone in a more equal playing field financially.  Sounds good at it’s face, but let’s look into how it REALLY works.  A good friend of mine in Norway, Trine Strand, is a recording artist and celebrity there (you can look her up on YouTube, by the way… her music is beautiful!), so I asked her point blank how much she made in residuals off of her records and concerts because I was genuinely curious since I know that HERE, a prolific artist of her caliber would be making more money than she would know what to do with. I was surprised to learn that she makes nothing really since the Norwegian Government classifies it as “cultural art.” All of the money made from her albums is redistributed to the citizens of Norway, and her payment? A small house and some farmland. The only real perk is when the Government send her to other countries to perform, but even then, she rarely (if ever) sees a dime.  Yes, everyone is equal, yes, the crime rate is low, and yes, everyone has a home, healthcare, universities, etc. It’s all Government owned! The taxes they pay are MORE than HALF of their earnings when they become shopkeepers, dressmakers, etc.  The Government decides how big of a slice of the pie you get depending on your quality of labor, so while everyone is on a more equal financial field, the Government STILL determines the percentage everyone gets and there are ZERO opportunities for financial advancement.  How does money come into the country you might wonder (especially since you never see those “Made in Norway” tags on your clothing or toys?  Simple tourism. Essentially, when you visit Norway and pay for souvenirs, food, lodging, entertainment, that ALL goes to the Government to sustain their programs and you are paying for someone in that country to live.  Sure they’re happy and live “the simple life,” but to what cost? I guarantee you if it weren’t for tourism, Norway would flounder and fall.  Hearing this from a Norwegian celebrity put things in perspective a zillion fold!  As for television, there are only a couple of State run channels, and there are no glamorous movie stars.  Most of the television programs they watch there are broadcast from America and the UK! In fact, if one wants to pursue a career in film acting, they have to go to another country to do it!  I’m sure our wealthiest and most famous  Hollywood actors, directors, producers, et al would CERTAINLY go for this (I hope you were able to pick up on the sarcasm there, but in case you didn’t, I took the liberty of pointing it out to you).  So you see, as a Socialist country, they are at least smart enough to rely on a SMALL amount of Capitalism, or they would be dead in the water.

Venezuela… what can I say about Venezuela, who has adopted  Socialism.  Oh, I forgot… “but that’s not TRUE Socialism!” Actually, Venezuela and North Korea have the TRUEST forms of Socialism. Let that sink in a little bit.  They don’t have an import/export trade system, they don’t have tourism, they’ve rejected ANY form of Capitalism, and they eat bugs and dirt just to stay alive.  These are plain and simple facts that are rooted in REALITY and not “muh feelz.”  You see, a Government should work for it’s people, and not the other way around. After all, it’s YOUR tax dollars that pay their wages!  

One last thing I will point out is that I have been seeing many posts asking “what happened to our Checks and Balances?” Again, our youth is now extremely confused by the debacle that was the Obama administration and the adults are finally back in charge. You are SEEING checks and balances actually at work now.  I know many are concerned about the Roe v Wade law now that the time has come to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice, so let me fill you in on a little secret: The Supreme Court can’t overturn Roe v Wade all by their lonesome.  It’s an established law.  The Supreme Court’s sole purpose is to look at a case that is brought before them, then they use a little Governing Document called the United States Constitution in order to interpret and made sure that whatever case is in front of them in Constitutionally sound. A good SC Justice can be a Catholic, an Atheist, a Pagan, Jewish, etc., but they can’t allow their religious beliefs to interfere with a Constitutional decision, so don’t worry folks, Roe v Wade will be just fine, because it has nothing to do with the Judicial Panel which is why it’s not even a whisper in the interviewing process for the nominees. 

I know that Common Core has effectively wiped out most High School Civics classes, but I can rest easy knowing that it has been reinstated in my “not-so-wonderful” school district, and with any luck, we will be able to do some damage control.  With all that being said, I will end by saying this: STOP it with the participation trophies because they have made for a self-entitled improperly educated generation of people who expect stuff to be given to them in the name of equality!

To say that online bullying (or cyberbullying as kids these days are calling it) has become a major problem recently is a massive understatement.  Over this last year, I have met some amazing people, and I have encountered some terrible ones. 

I am going to start with the amazing people that I have met first, because it seems appropriate that they get the praise they deserve before delving into the dark pit of despair that certain factions of the Supernatural Fandom seems to have crawled from.  These amazing people are men and women alike who give so much of themselves to try to make this dim world a little bit brighter have been the focus of a dangerous obsessive compulsive game of “if we can’t kill them physically, let’s kill them mentally.” Most of these beautiful people I have yet to meet face to face, but the ones I HAVE had the honor of meeting and hanging out with are such beautiful souls who would do anything for anyone at any given time. Yet somehow they are being punished for trying to do the right thing, which is a concept that escapes me. Sure, there may be some who associate with certain people you may not like, but quite frankly, that’s none of your business who they speak to in a personal capacity. Are these alleged phone calls hurting you personally? I highly doubt it. In fact, I rather doubt it makes ANY personal impact on your life at all other than the fact that you simply don’t like the person who may be on the other end of the phone.

I have actually had people try to glean information from me regarding this matter and I can honestly say that I have never witnessed any such communications. Even if I did, I doesn’t bother me because I have my own life to live. If my best friend were to receive a phone call from my highly abusive ex-husband whom I despise and they became friends, then hey… all the more power to them. I might warn them not to get too close based on my personal experience, but I’m not going to shun my hypothetical friend for speaking with someone I can’t stand, and who even tried to kill me a few times in a VERY literal way. I would simply tell them to be careful and move on. That’s what reasonable adults do. What DOES bother me is when I see posts telling people to go kill themselves, or that they are worthless, or even trying to destroy a person’s reputation that took years to build. 

This takes me to Castiel’s Angels; technically I am not an angel, but an ally… and right now they need all the allies they can get.  When C.A. was founded, it was a small group of fans who helped out with campaigns for the actors to get more shirt sales for the assigned foundations, and they were helping match donors who could help out by purchasing campaign shirts for those who couldn’t afford them. In this last year (ESPECIALLY since the #OnlyLove campaign), C.A. grew faster than they could have ever expected. Everyone wanted to become an Angel to represent their State or Country (and yes, there are Angels in Germany, Russia, and other areas of the world), and the founder was trying to find a way to make that happen.  She knew the time would come when she would have to file and register as a legitimate non-profit, and when Misha was heading up Random Acts, he actually talked her OUT of filing for non-profit status.  Many of you may not realize that, so I feel it’s time you SHOULD know this, or else the 501c(3) would be in place already. Bear in mind that the filings are now in the works by building a Board of Directors, coming up with a non-copywrite entity name, then filing with the Secretary of State.  It can take weeks and even months for the Secretary of State to approve the 501c(3), and until that is approved, an ITN number cannot even be issued for the IRS to file the appropriate forms with them.  The reason that takes so long is because it’s not like filing a Fictitious Firm Name (FFN) with the County wherein you pay $20 and it takes 10 minutes of your time.  The 501c(3) is sent to our State’s Capitol for review and can literally sit in someone’s inbox for a while before they even get around to it.  This is NOT an overnight process, and it amazes me at how many people think it’s a fast process.  When I filed mine as a member of the Clergy, it took 6 months before I got my filing approved because they have to research a few things like making sure the name isn’t already taken, that anything used falls under the Fair Use Act, etc.  You want Castiel’s Angels to become legit, which they are trying to do and are working on doing as we speak, but all of these allegations are more destructive than anything because it’s going to make it that much more difficult to get the filing approved. I fail to understand why you want to sabotage this organization so badly. The founder goes to school full time, works full time, then goes home and makes BEAUTIFUL handmade jewelry and crafts for the fandom with the proceeds being appropriated into their proper destinations for the various foundations that the actors of Supernatural hold so near and dear to them. Has she made mistakes? Of course, because she’s only human after all and she’s learning from those mistakes.  Her pending organization grew so rapidly this last year, it amazes me that she is even able to keep on top of it at all! She’s dedicated to this fandom… fans and actors alike. I have actually SEEN her workshop and have even lent a helping hand a time or two in order to make all of the wonderful things the fans are requesting from her, and she does this out of her own pocket… yes, meaning everything she does, all of the supplies she uses, she pays for ALL of it on her OWN dime.  

In February at VegasCon, she had made a bag full of items that were dedicated to the character Rowena, and handed the bag to Ruthie Connell herself! Ruth was the one who sold the items via donations at her autograph vendor booth, and when I went to follow up with Ruth since our founder was in a photo op at the time, Ruth was ecstatic not only that she had sold everything, but that one of the necklaces sold in the triple digit range! ALL of that money went to “My Hope Chest,” and Ruth was blown away by it, giving me not one hug but two… one for me, and one for our Castiel’s Angels founder who made it possible! 

When Mark Pellegrino did his #OnlyLove Represent campaign back in the end of November to early December with Jeff, the Angels (and myself included) bought A LOT of shirts to donate to people who couldn’t afford them. When Mark extended the campaign, I knew I wanted to get a hoodie but was in between pay periods, and a friend (who’s name I am purposely omitting because I don’t want her to get anymore mixed up in this mess than she may already be since she’s already been doxxed once) stepped in and lent me the money to order a shirt (which I promptly paid back as soon as I got my paycheck), because that’s what we do in this family. We have each other’s backs! #OnlyLove went to “Stomp Out Bullying,” and the irony is that when the campaign was over, the bullying actually got WORSE! It became a movement to spread love among our Supernatural Family, and was somehow twisted into something toxic. In fact, it became SO bad that I almost threw out 16 years of sobriety over it and Mark, Jeff, Castiel’s Angels (all of them), and my aforementioned anonymous friend quite literally talked me off of the proverbial ledge that night, and for that I will be ETERNALLY grateful! In fact, the love for Mark was returned in kind at VegasCon because Castiel’s Angels made signs that said #OnlyLove to show support for Mark since he had become the focus of some of the bullying himself, and we wanted to let him know how special he is to this family! Despite what you may have read on Twitter that day, there were roughly 250 signs being held up around that convention room (sans the ones torn up by the Emo Squad), and it looked very much like what you saw in Roger’s video. I saw them because I happened to be in the line for Mark’s panel at the front of the room, but I couldn’t pull my phone out since I was next up with a question, or I CERAINLY would have taken video (or at least a few photos).

When David Hadyn-Jones did his Alzheimer’s Awareness campaign, he opted to use a C.A. design which was an amazing purple elephant with Ketch’s cross on the front leg because elephants are notorious for their amazing memories.

When Rachel Miner took over for Random Acts, Castiel’s Angels had many wonderful things for her to help her out as well, because she IS our unicorn! 

So please, help me to understand how ANY of this is a bad thing.  Seriously, I would like to know! 

Now I am going to dive head first into the toxic sea that is the people who wish to decimate Castiel’s Angels. One of the most prominent catalysts of these latest attacks MUST be on some sort of illicit drug because hints were in fact given. First, I speak 5 languages and am learning a 6th one which happens to be Norwegian. I’m learning this language because I have a couple of friends who are in fact FROM Norway (one of which is a cultural celebrity, Trine Strand), and I made a promise that I would learn their language so when they come back to America, I can actually speak to them in their own language. I’m a bit of a linguist by hobby which also includes the language of science (Quantum and Astro Physics, as well as String Theory which I find rather fascinating). So when I heard a certain somebody added “Norwegian” into their name, I found it rather amusing and it also confirmed that this person has people stalking me and reporting back. To be honest, I suspected as much with the onslaught of sock accounts suddenly starting to follow me. Then I decided to post a few things in the languages I DO speak, and a screenshot by a trusted friend made its way back to me saying that I wasn’t the only one who could use Google Translate, but this person was “too sober to deal with it.”  Well 1: I didn’t use Translate (I don’t need to), and 2: the last sentence I wrote was in my mother tongue to which there IS no translation program.  Oh, let’s not forget about 3: people have actually HEARD me speak these languages over the phone and in person. So that just gave me a good giggle for the night. It was also brought to my attention that this person was tweeting about nonstop for roughly 27 hours STRAIGHT. Seriously… when do you sleep? Because that CAN’T be good for your health! 

As to MY credibility, which was in question recently, let’s clear a few things up. I went to University and studied pre-law.  In fact, I JUST got my student loan paid off 2 years ago. No I do not go by my married name when I am dealing with the courts for this reason. You see, in my State, a Paralegal can actually freelance, which means I don’t have to be working for any one law firm.  My supervising attorney is whomever hires me for a time to aid in case loads, and yes in order to go into court and work on actual cases, I do have to be under an attorney. However, I do not have to be under supervision to pull paperwork and hand it to someone to fill out, nor do I need to be under supervision to file the paperwork. At that point, I am merely a runner and doing something that any civilian can do. I am prohibited from giving legal advice, but I CAN tell them where to sign on the dotted line. You see, here in MY state, Paralegals actually run legal form shops sans attorneys because we are not giving legal advice, but merely instruct the people/client how to fill out the legal forms, whether they need to be notarized, and where to take them to be filed, although we can do the filing for a fee since we are not appearing in court. However, right now I AM being supervised by a real estate attorney who specializes in HOAs and have a very good working relationship with our Department of Real Estate, which is why Castiel’s Angels is doing their own papers and filings for their non profit org. This is what you wanted them to do so you knew where the charity money went, isn’t it? However, now, you have managed to ruin their credibility for simply trying to do the right thing.  Are your own lives THAT miserable that you feel the need to bring others down to your simplistic and pedestrian level? If so, I truly do feel sorry for you because there is so much more to this world than sitting behind your computer screen, phone, or tablet.  Is Castiel’s Angels hurting you personally? Because you’ve certainly managed to bring down a woman who is trying to make a positive difference in this world, and a once upbeat young woman is now a mere shell of herself and has fallen into a form of depression because of YOUR actions and lack of civility. If you are on a substance (whether it be alcohol, meth, heroin, etc), or just suffering from depression yourself, I implore you to go get help. Trust me when I say that rambling on Twitter, sending death threats (whether it’s you or one of your minions, I really don’t know, nor do I care),  and quite literally obsessing over someone else’s personal life is NOT a constructive outlet. Get out and enjoy some fresh air, go for a walk, go to the beach if you can, Hell… take up knitting! Do SOMETHING other than trying to tear people down! Because believe me when I say, it WILL eventually come back to bite you in the ass and haunt you in the end… it always does.  Karma is kind of funny in that way.

Regarding my Twitter Live Feed from May 2, 2018

This is a speech I had written on May 2nd, 2018 for the cyberbullies who are currently attacking Castiel’s Angels. I posted this as a live video, and for whatever reason this was twisted. First, let me begin by saying that I am a Freelance Paralegal, which in MY state is perfectly legal, and while I actually DID attend pre-law, in our state, courses and training, degrees and certificates are not a requirement in my state. As a freelancer, the only time I am required to be under attorney supervision is when I am HIRED by that attorney since I am representing their firm, and must do as they say. However, here, there are legal form stores that are strictly Paralegal run. Laws vary from state to state. A quick disclaimer, I am not an attorney,nor do I claim to be. I do not give legal advice, I will always direct you to an attorney (and believe me,I know many). I WILL however file forms for you because that is what I am trained to do and what I legally CAN do. Regarding Attorney/Client privilege, I am held under the same Canons that a member of the American Bar Association is held under, and therefore cannot divulge any private information or information on anyone I am currently pending paperwork for. That being said, the following is what I said in my live feed word for word which was twisted worse than an F7 tornado.

Just a little reminder about a few things that have been happening lately. There are some of you that know me well, and some of you don’t know me at all, and that’s ok. That’s why as someone in the legal field I am doing this solo video to explain a few things. A few years back, a wonderful group of fans headed by Vic, founded Castiel’s Angels. At that time it was supposed to be a fan run group to aid the actors in their various campaigns and charities by helping them to promote tee shirt sales, and to purchase shirts for those in the fandom that couldn’t afford one. Needless to say at that time, NOBODY could foresee the future of the group, which is now becoming an organization. In wanting to help out with the plethora of charities that the cast of Supernatural supports, such as Random Acts, Stomp out Bullying, To Write Love on her Arms, Attitudes in Reverse, My Hope Chest, among many others, the Angels started handcrafting jewelry to auction off and sell so they could send the money to the charities directly once the tee shirt campaigns were over with.
Now the Angels have grown into a group that has actually gone international in a very short time. Keep in mind that the intent behind Castiel’s Angels was never to try and gain notoriety, nor to get close to any of the actors. Aside from the various cast charities, they have saved lives by providing a lifeline of sorts for people to reach out to and even raised funds to help with the medical bills and financial needs of various members of the SPN Family. In this last year, C.A. has grown exponentially and it has been difficult for Victoria to keep up with all of the orders, requests, mailers, making things, going to school full time AND working full time, which until recently she has done on her own. Now she has people all over the world wanting to become a part of C.A. to help. This has happened in a VERY whirlwind timeframe!
Now for the legalities. Vic DOES keep receipts of every donation and supply purchase, which she is currently working on organizing. She’s learning as she goes, kind of like learning to fly an airplane while you’re building it. As with EVERY charity, there will be a cost overhead called an “operating budget.” This is the money that is used when supplies need to be purchased, a website needs to be built, an office needs to be rented, techs need to be paid, or any surprise extras (like having to retain an attorney) come up. When a charity ends, the money spent out of that budget is replenished before the rest goes to the charities. This is why you’ll often see the coveted “proceeds go to charity X,” disclaimer. There IS actually an overhead to running a non-profit organization. I am sympathetic to the fact that most people do not understand how this works, and have the misconception that every single dime goes to a charity. Do you honestly think Represent makes their tee-shirts for campaigns for free, or that Goodwill employees don’t get paid?
Every state is different in their laws regarding non-profit entities, and you can always read up on yours. In OUR state, a N.P. MUST have at LEAST 5 local (in state) members to even be able to file for a 501(c)3 with the Secretary of State. AFTER that is done, a 1023 Tax Exemption form with your entity name on it is filed with the IRS with an EIN (different than a Social Security number, for those of you who have never had to file a corporate tax return).
It’s really easy to sit back and say things like “I’m going to report them to the IRS,” or “they aren’t legitimate,” etc. However, there’s A LOT that goes into formulating a non-profit and it IS very time consuming. For the record, in order to find a Social Security number, full name, address, and date of birth on someone to try to “report them to the IRS” is called “doxxing” which falls under the legal category of cyber stalking which is punishable by up to 10 years in a Federal Prison according to the United States Penal Codes, so you might want to rethink that little idea since we aren’t talking about a visit by the police, a slap on the wrist, and a misdemeanor ticket here.
Now, let’s stop the hate and the bullying. Let’s knock it off with the childish crap, and let’s get this off the ground as a legitimate non-profit (which by the way is different than a “charity). Castiel’s Angels wants more than anything to do good in this world, and I am here to make sure that happens despite the diatribes on Twitter to get people’s attention about rumors and screenshots. Children do that sort of thing, not fully grown supposedly “intelligent” adults. We have A LOT of work to do, yes. Do we need to chill out on some things as far as what we say? Absolutely. However, if you are going to fight against even letting Castiel’s Angels get off the ground because of whatever issues you are going through, then we have a problem. One last thing to remember…. Victoria is a human being, and a wonderful one at that. If you’re main purpose of trying to derail her is because of who she may or may not associate with in her DMs or by phone (which I have never personally witnessed by the way), then I have a newsflash for you…. It’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! It’s HER personal business as to whom she associates with on or offline. Forget about what she does in her free time, because it has no effect on your life whatsoever. Should she decide to share her personal stuff with you, then that’s fully and completely up to you. If you want to DM ME asking me legitimate questions about the plans for the future of Castiel’s Angles, by all means DO SO. I will help in any way I can. However, if I start getting more DMs asking about Victoria’s personal associations, I curse you to an eternity as Hellhound chow. I will say this once and once only… it is NOT my place, and you WILL not get information from me to try and use against her, because I don’t play those silly games.

On this day, the one month anniversary of the terrible shooting which took place in Parkland, FL, we have all witnessed students from schools across the Nation stand together in solidarity to send the message, “enough is enough!”  We feel it is time to present a practical, efficient, and inexpensive solution to ensure the safety of our children that would in no way interfere with our 2nd Amendment Rights.

The basic action of the modern firearm has changed very little in the last 160 years, and the basic ingredients of firing a projectile from a firearm has not changed in 500 years. Technology, on the other hand, has increased a hundred-fold in just the last 20 years.  We feel it’s time to tap into those technological advancements in order to better deal with the problems being caused by this relatively ancient instrument.

My husband and I have been in contact with representatives from a company which has developed an innovative new device, which has the ability to detect the presence of GUNPOWDER in live ammunition when it gets within a range of 9 feet. Imagine the positive implications of a device that could protect us (ESPECIALLY our children) from danger by preventing it from ever even entering a building.  Even in its infancy, this technology could be used (within 6 months) in conjunction with automatic locking doors so if even a single round of ammunition tried to cross the 9 foot barrier, the doors would lock shut; thereby securing the building in an instant.

What we propose is to bring a prototype, along with one or more representatives of this company, for a public demonstration of its capabilities.  This would be done on a simple laptop with an alarm to alert you when the sensor has been breached.  School Representatives, Public Officials, and members of the media would be encouraged to be in attendance.  We could then discuss how it can be used in conjunction with switches, alarms, automatic locking doors, etc. in a way that would make any school where it is installed virtually impenetrable by any person or persons carrying a loaded weapon. If you should decide to allow us to perform a demonstration, we will strive to meet any schedule, and we are eager to begin work on this project immediately.  The sooner we can integrate this system into schools everywhere, the sooner we can rest in knowing that what happened in Parkland, Newtown, and Columbine will NEVER happen again.

As you can see, it is not the weapon we seek to keep off of school grounds, but the ammunition… the ONE common denominator in ALL firearms.  By applying this sensor device to this terrible dilemma which has befallen us all, we believe that it might someday be regarded as one of the greatest technological advancements of this Century.

Kristi Sustrick and Joseph Sustrick.                            

(702) 727-9551, (702) 690-8373

(702) 854-9551 (fax)

Its kind of long, so I’m pasting it here….

PLEASE READ THIS IF YOU USE TWITTER. —– be on the lookout for anyone who posts a video called “i want to be a narco’s wife” or a video with a corgi on the cover and report and/or block them IMMEDIATELY. one video contains very graphic gore content and the other contains brutal animal abuse. spread the word for your sakes.

to clear things up, NO i have not watched either of these videos but i do not want anyone else to nor do i want to. ahem Kristi Sustrick

From a Friend

Dear Travis;

I figured that writing to you on this forum would be the easiest for everyone since all Victoria has to do is share a link, and you merely have to click on it. I also figured that since I do not have many subscribers to this site yet, this would be the safest way to let you know that you do have friends out here.  I will delete this post, of course, after I know that you have read it.   Just let Victoria know that you have seen it, or you can contact me via Facebook directly.

My heart hurts for you, as I have seen the sheer venom blasted your way for no reason other than to make a few bullies feel better about themselves.  I generally do not like to say anything negative about people, but having been on the receiving end of cyber bullying myself recently, all I can say is that these people have nothing better to do.  They make themselves feel better by trying to bring other people down because they feel miserable in their own lives. They feel invincible behind the safety of their computer screens and either forget or ignore the fact that there are living human beings with real feelings on the other end who read these disturbing posts.  I guarantee 98% of these people wouldn’t dare say even a small portion of what they throw out there given the chance to speak face to face.  This new generation of people have completely forgotten their social graces, if they were even taught any at all to begin with.

Yes, you are an actor… a damn fine one at that. However, first and foremost, you are a person.  A human deserving of all the dignity and respect that ANY of us deserve.  You just happen to have a cooler job than most of us. That’s another thing that people (especially the younger generation) seem to forget.  They have a difficult time separating reality from fiction and can’t compartmentalize the fact that you are NOT your character.  I don’t know…. maybe it’s easier for me since I have been around celebs since high school, and am a performer myself (although not on screen), and therefore, it’s much easier for me to see you all for the beautiful people you are.  You CERTAINLY don’t deserve ANY of this negativity!  That’s why I was working so hard to help Mark Pellegrino and Jeff Friday (PugfatherJeff) out with the OnlyLove campaign, because the bullying that has infected our fandom has become like a virus of sorts and needs to be eradicated, and we (the TRUE SPN Family) are the antidote.

Anyway, I just want you to know that aside from Castiel’s Angels, you also have Lucifer’s Legion watching your back.  If you need ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to ask.  As a Paralegal, I am bound by the cannons of the Attorney/Client privilege just as a Barred Attorney would be, so anything said in that capacity will always remain confidential unless otherwise specified (yes, I am a “Jill of all trades” so to speak). I will not say anything on Social Media (especially Twitter), but WILL pass along screenshots of anything I see as dangerously unseemly to Victoria so that she can pass it along to you. If you ever need to talk or vent, you can always reach me via Facebook Messenger under Kristi Sustrick.  I will reiterate that you DO have friends out here, and we are willing to listen and give you an outlet to vent.

I know all too well how badly words can hurt (the last round of bullies almost broke my 15 years of sobriety, which Jeff and Mark talked me through). The saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” rings very true, and can leave wounds and scars that are more difficult to heal than anything physical.  What really hurts is that you’re being treated in this manner after putting your life on the line for this country and our freedom, which NO Veteran should EVER have to endure. So thank you for your service!

That being said, I will close this now so that you don’t have to spend all night reading a short novel.  For the record, I DO believe you and I believe IN you.  Stay strong, my friend.


Kristi Sustrick

Celebrity Bullying is NOT OK!

Lately there have been incidents in which people feel that it’s OK to bully Celebrities, and that is something that I find very disturbing these days.  It’s brought about by these so-called “Social Justice Warriors,” or SJWs for short. These are the very same ilk that will cry foul whenever someone says or does something offensive to their delicate sensibilities. They get upset and up in arms over bullying, and will in fact create anti-bullying campaigns, yet for whatever twisted reason, they think it’s ok to do it to someone else. These people are completely lacking in reason and common sense due to some psychological misfire. Their target of choice these days is usually of celebrity status because it’s easy for them. They see people on the big screen or on television and forget that the image they are seeing are real living people just like you and I.  When a celebrity says something a little off color, or does something the SJW populace doesn’t agree with, they are hit with a barrage of hateful comments and boycotts.  Why are these SJWs so easily offended? In my opinion (and yes, I am actually allowed to have one), it’s because there is something within themselves that they are unhappy with and as a result, they feel that the world needs to share in their misery.  These are people who seem to share in a bizarre collective consciousness that programs them into thinking everyone MUST feel, think, and act the same way they do.  They oppose any original thought and will sometimes lash out in violence if the offending party doesn’t conform to their ways. It’s political correctness gone wild, because people don’t seem to understand that we as individuals have different thoughts and feelings than everyone else, and that (again I reiterate) celebrities are HUMAN BEINGS.

So you might be asking yourselves by now, why I am writing all of this?  Recently there was an incident within the Supernatural Fandom that was designed to hurt one of our fellow family members, Mark Pellegrino.  You might have figured out by that sentence that this is a small follow up to the open Fandom letter I wrote the other day regarding the online bullying that has taken root on Twitter.  Someone thought it would be “cute” to start a petition to have him removed from the Creation Conventions for 2018, which was designed to not only hurt him, but his fans as well because they didn’t like something he said.  Luckily, the Supernatural Family have circled the proverbial wagons around him in order to protect him.  He was quite literally victimized in a very vicious manner because there are certain people who don’t seem to understand that he is a person with very real feelings.  I can pretty much guarantee that most of the people who attacked him have never met him, spoken with him, or have even gone to a convention.  If they had, they would know that he is probably one of the sweetest, patient, and most genuine individuals out there.  When I saw his Podcast talking about him breaking down in tears over this, it broke my heart because I HAVE had the honor of meeting him a couple of times, and have spoken with him on Twitter (yes, he even gave me a few pep talks to get me through some harrowing crap), and even though I haven’t spoke with him recently (which admittedly, I have had my Mark “withdrawals”), I can tell you from personal experience that he’s exactly the OPPOSITE of what this handful of SJWs would have you believe. They have intentionally taken some of his tweets out of context, editing out the supporting thread (which thankfully, someone rectified), to make him sound like this horrible person that people should be wary of! I even spoke to someone who called him “xenophobic,” and said they would feel “unsafe” if he was at the convention when she goes…. This was after she admitted she had never been to a convention, BTW. After I told her it sounded like SHE was the one who was xenophobic (a word 90% of these people had never heard before Hillary’s gang said it) and gave her the definition, she deleted all of her tweets. I guess the truth hurts, doesn’t it?

My point to all of this, is that until you actually meet someone in person, you really shouldn’t try to place misguided judgement on them because something they said in a conversation that had nothing to do with you hurt your delicate “feels.”  To me, this sounds like some bored college dope trying to cause drama where there shouldn’t be any just because she was bored.

Maybe I should have put this little disclaimer at the top of my blog, but if I had, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been read.  I am known to write things that people might not like simply because I’m tired of seeing people being treated like shit for no other reason than the fact that they have a mind of their own. Step outside of your little safe space for a moment, and see that the world is indeed a big scary place, and be thankful that there are people like Mark Pellegrino who champion out there for you to make the world a little less terrifying.  Try to find a little modicum of decorum when speaking to someone or about someone whether you agree with them or not, because the beauty of people as that we are all different and can have an intelligent exchange of ideas.  Stop being so close minded that you are putting yourself at a disadvantage where learning something new is concerned, and by ALL the Gods, please stop trying to inflict harm on people just because you don’t see them as being “real.”  You really all should be ashamed of yourselves for your actions in trying to hurt a good man, who has a good heart, and who has done many wonderful things while saving lives in the process.  Yes, there are people that are alive right now quite LITERALLY because of Mark, and I am happy to say that I have become very good friends with a few of them.  Can you say the same?


It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts and truly wrap my head around the tragedy that happened in Las Vegas, NV on October 1st, 2017 at 10:08 pm during the end of the Route 91 Harvest Festival near the Mandalay Bay. To start, on Sunday night, I received a phone call from my landlord since his sister, brother in law, niece, and his niece’s friend were all in town so that Melanie (the niece) and her friend (Amber) could go to the Festival. My landlord owns several houses in the community where we live, so the house that he puts his family up in when they are in town is literally about a 7 minute walk from my home.  I always keep extra inhalers and other first aid supplies on hand sine my oldest daughter has asthma, and it just so happens that Melanie has asthma as well.  So you can imagine my shock when I got a call from my landlord telling me to run over to the house where his sister was staying and to take a couple of inhalers over to Melanie because she was having an attack.  As it turns out, the attack was caused by severe anxiety, stress, and A LOT of fast running. Luckily she and Amber were toward the back of the venue, and as soon as the first wave of bullets were fired, they ran to the back exit and across the street to where there was a gas station which they hid behind for cover. Melanie was white as a freshly laundered hospital sheet when I got there and she and Amber were shaking and in tears, understandably.  After I gave her the inhaler and the albuterol calmed her breathing, she started telling me about the people dropping around her, the blood soaking the street, and a woman who also ran for cover behind the gas station who had a gunshot wound to her thigh, which was gushing blood. She told me about how it was complete carnage out there with 22,000 people running for their lives and trying to save the lives of those around them. While she and Amber were thankfully unharmed, they will both be looking at medical bills for a long while for therapy sessions, since this will most definitely be a factor for PTSD, which having it myself I was able to let her know that she may not even know she’s having Post Traumatic Stress for several more days after the shock wears off.  It took me a full week before I was diagnosed after seeing the state that my Godson was in after a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, and seeing him before the Paramedics took him to the UMC Hospital Trauma Center.  That was in 2012, and I STILL have trouble some nights when I’m falling asleep because of the images from that night, so I can only imagine what Melanie and Amber will be going through after that reign of terror!

So then I found out that a friend of mine from Cedar City, UT, Heather Alvarez, was also at the concert and she was one of the (now) 59 fatalities.  I had just seen her in June of this year when I went to Cedar City for my 25th High School Reunion, and she was married to one of Cedar City’s firefighters. This came as a complete shock to me, since I didn’t even know she was in town this weekend.  I still have no clue if anyone else that I know are among the fatalities or if they are one of the 527 wounded that are currently spread out between five Valley Hospitals. This is one of those times when you hear about it happening around the country, these mass-shootings, but you never expect that it will happen in your own town and you CERTAINLY don’t expect to know any of the victims! 

Now we cut to where I take personal issue (and I’m certain I’m not the only one, as 59 families are without their loved ones now) with the Politicians and the Hollywood Elite immediately crawling out of the woodwork to use this tragedy as their on political platform to try and push their “gun control” agenda through, rather than spending that energy trying to actually help the victims and the families thereof. At the time the shooting happened at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando Florida, there were nothing but prayers, well wishes, fundraising campaigns to help the victims, etc.  Even our own Supernatural Fandom (the SPN Family) and the actors of the show worked to help the victims by way of tee-shirt campaigns, well wishes, and the like. Jared Padalecki had devised a campaign through Represent with a special design for the Orlando victims, complete with a special rainbow colored design specifically for the victim’s fund. Ironically, the only REAL comment from ANY of the cast and crew regarding the Las Vegas Massacre came from Jensen Ackles on Monday morning to let us know that his thoughts are with us here in Vegas. I checked on the other cast members’ Twitter accounts, and they have been very silent with our tragedy. With Orlando, Tweets were flying and campaigns set up within 24 hours. With Las Vegas? It is now Wednesday, October 4th at 10:50pm (soon to be October 5th) and we still haven’t seen anything. There have been ideas for fundraisers, sure, but not for the victims… the funds would go to gun control advocacy! It’s almost as though Las Vegas is insignificant to them suddenly, which is a major letdown and very disappointing because there are a lot of SPN Family out here that are hurting and we feel almost forgotten even though the shooting on Sunday night is officially the most deadly mass shooting in modern US history, so far surpassing Orlando by 9 deaths, and considering the amount of wounded people in the hospital, that could easily rise in the coming days since we don’t know how many of those are on life support right now. 

The victims in Las Vegas are hurting, physically AND emotionally, and we could definitely use the support of our heroes.  Yet we are all people who are being treated as though we don’t matter either because we live in “Sin City,” or the people who were here for a country music festival were probably “Republicans and Trump Supporters,” (as was mention by the now EX-VP of CBS who said the Vegas victims don’t “deserve” sympathy), even though at that concert there were many Democrats, minorities, men, women, children, Republicans, etc. We are talking about a crowd of twenty-two THOUSAND people who were there to enjoy music and share a common interest as AMERICANS regardless of race, religion, creed, or political affiliation. 

Now, let’s do some math… the average “Pauper’s Cremation,” which is simply cremation of the body where the ashes are send home in a vinyl covered hard cardboard box, and doesn’t come with use of the Mortuary facilities for a viewing, funeral, or memorial, along with a Minister of some sort, costs on average $3,000. I know this first hand from when my ex-roommate’s husband passed away.  You then have to pay the entire fee for the cremains to be released to the family. Now, multiply that by 59 people, which comes out to $177,000 provided NONE of those families want any extras, which will be HIGHLY unlikely. Our County Commissioner, Steve Sisolak, and Sheriff Joe Lombardo set up a GoFundMe account for a victim relief fund, which has a goal of $10million (which I’m certain will be surpassed). This relief fund is to go to funerals, medical bills, future surgeries, etc. This has LITERALLY been the ONLY fundraiser that I have seen so far to help the victims and their families. If they ONLY raise $10m, minus the cost of the funerals, there will literally only be enough money to help a mere handful of people out of 527! This will only be enough to cover hospital bills and Ambulance bills that have already been incurred, and not enough to cover any future surgeries, physical therapy, and mental therapy… and the Politicians want to turn this into a gun control agenda and politicize this?? The left has completely gone off the rails! In fact, they have gone SO far left, they have fallen completely off the playing board and have lost ANY modicum of a moral compass they may have had, which shows me they could care less about human lives at this point. Their only agenda right now is to disarm Americans so that we can’t protect ourselves against a tyrannical Government, criminals (who by the way will get their hands on guns regardless of gun control laws), and take away American’s ability to hunt for food in some areas where that’s a means of survival. Do I believe that assault rifles belong in the hands of average Americans? No I don’t, I believe those particular firearms should stay within the military, since nobody needs THAT much fire power to protect themselves… but that’s my own PERSONAL opinion, and has no bearing on my support for our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, and I will NEVER try to infringe on someone else’s Constitutional Rights because I personally don’t like it. That’s just ridiculous! EVERY individual has the inalienable right to protect themselves, their families, their property, and their country. 

That being said, can we stop it already with all of this political nonsense and concentrate on helping Las Vegas heal? The radical regressive left needs to be reigned in, and the far right Bible thumpers as well. The only people creating this division in this beautiful country are the people THEMSELVES. It’s time to start taking responsibility for your own actions, and stop trying to place the blame on others when we fail.  If you screw up, you OWN it. 

We are Vegas Strong, we need to heal, and we need HELP with that WITHOUT being used as a political pawn in your twisted game of “Stratego.”