Feeling Nostalgic 

Sometimes I sit on my computer and rant at the way things have become in the world, both socially and politically. Today though, I sit here thinking back on my childhood as I try to figure out how to get my 11 year old to get out and get some fresh air in the inner city! She’s a very talented child… musically, artistically, and technologically. However, I fear that the only way to get her away from her MacBook is to pry it from her cold dead hands! Here we are, in the 21st Century, and things have changed SO much since I was a kid. For a girl her age, and in a city so large, it’s almost a necessity for her to have a cell phone in case of an emergency (given that they have a built in GPS and I can track her if she gets lost, or Goddess forbid, kidnapped). She has always been far ahead of her years in her way of thinking, and really doesn’t have very much in common with other kids her age. She was into dolls for about a month when she was 3, and then it was over. Most girls her age are still into dolls of some sort, gossip, or (yikes) starting to have at the very least celebrity crushes on boys. I asked her about this and she told me that she doesn’t have time for that nonsense, because she is concentrating on graphic arts, coding, and film editing… at 11! She will be 12 at the beginning of next month, so it came as quite a shock to me when she gave me this answer!
Don’t get me wrong. She loves certain sports (she can pitch a MEAN baseball with complete accuracy), skating (ice, roller, and longboard), she can run… FAST… and believe me when I say that it’s actually surprising since she is quite small (about the size of an 8 year old). She doesn’t let her size get in the way, but uses it to her advantage! She loves horseback riding, and camping as well. Yet most of all, her ultimate love lays within the advancements in computers and other technology. Yes, I know that this will be a talent and skill that will take her places and secure her future, yet at the same time, I would like kids these days to be able to experience some of the fun that we had growing up as well.

When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, my family lived out in the boonies (and when I say “boonies,” I mean 7 miles out of town) in an agricultural area. My house was at the very end of the street that we lived on, so next door we had my Granny and Grandpa, nobody across the street, and a huge alfalfa field on the other side. Directly behind the house, there was land… ALOT of land! I’m talking acres and acres, with nothing as far as the eye could see. We had horses and a very large red barn that my father and grandfather built when I was in either Kindergarten or the 1st grade (I actually think it was the summer between the two school years), and behind out own acres, there was yet more land and nothing in the way of houses between us and the distant hills. The barn was originally built to house horses, chickens, pigs, sheep, and cattle. My dad thought it would be great to be a farmer, so he invested what I assume was a sizable sum. He had grown up in Los Angeles, lived in Las Vegas where he and my mom met and married, and moved to Southern Utah due to a job transfer (or so I was told). I would go out in the mornings with my mom to collect fresh eggs from the chickens, and then I would help my dad muck out the stalls while the livestock was out grazing. He had made sure to build a “tack shed” in the barn near the horse’s stalls, so it would be easy to get to in order to tack the horses when we wanted to ride. This was proving to be more expensive than my dad had anticipated, however, so he sold off most of the cattle, pigs, and sheep. I know that the cattle and pigs went to a butcher who from what I remember my dad telling me, slaughtered and butchered them into various cuts for us to freeze for the winter in exchange for letting the butcher keep a portion for his own family. You see, if it weren’t for freezing meat, we would have starved during the winters. After our frozen stores of beef and pork had been depleted, my father started deer hunting with a friend of his who had a daughter that was close to my age, so that we would have plenty of venison in the freezer to get through the winter months. My mother had tried her hand at gardening, but she had a full time job as well as my dad, so the gardening idea didn’t work out very well. We also learned that growing veggies aside from corn in Cedar City was a massive challenge, because without a greenhouse, the garden would just freeze and thus was the end of the produce endeavor. I think this is why I get so upset when people try to criticize me for being a meat eater, since I know what the reality of keeping food in the winter is really like when you live in a farming area 7 miles away from the nearest town and often get snowed in, or the roads are too icy to make a 14 mile round trip just to get some lettuce and tomatoes. Of course, my mom would pick up produce from the grocery store after work, but it was usually in small amounts so it wouldn’t wilt or go bad. 
When I look back on my childhood now, it’s a wonder I’m even still alive to tell the tale! During the springtime, I would often ride in the back of my dad’s pickup truck just for the fun of it (and sometimes to guard stuff we purchased in case anything flew out of the truck on the return trip). Try doing this now! I might also add here, that living on dirt roads where large farming equipment would also travel and create large potholes, so I was bounced around in the truck bed PLENTY of times! 

My dad was a curious creature… not by way of HIM being curious, but he was more of a curiosity sometimes. He was an Army Veteran, so he could be very militant in his ways, and was mean as rodeo bull when he would drink too much. He never told me whole lot about his time in the Army except for telling me about duffle bags & how to pack them, the canned rations, bootcamp, and that he was stationed in Verdun France, which is where my oldest brother was born. My father had been married a few times before he met my mom, and was 18 years older than her, so he had my 2 older brothers from his 1st marriage… my sister (who is 12 years older than me) was from his second marriage, and I am the only biological child of my mother. So I am the youngest of 4 siblings… I never call them my “half” brothers and sister. To me, they are just my brothers and sister. Sadly, because my sister was raised with her mother in L.A., I never even knew I HAD a sister until I was 4 years old. My brothers had moved away and were starting on their own families, so I was raised as an only child. I feel for my 11 year old, and am so grateful that her sisters (the oldest being 23 going on 24 and the other being 22) live here in town, and were both living at home when my youngest was born, so they are all very close. They both love grabbing Chey to take her out to do things like go shopping and to the movies, so even though right now Chey is the only one living at home, she has always had access to her sisters. Getting back to my dad, though (since I went a little off track here), other than him telling me that my oldest brother was born on the base in France, he never mentioned anything to me about what actually happened after bootcamp. Even though he had told me he never had to go into battle or anything, I have a suspicion that something traumatic had happened because anytime I would ask, he would just shut me down and he was quite a heavy drinker. Somehow though, he was a functioning alcoholic and he was a very hard worker. It became progessively worse over the years, especially after he retired.

Childhood abuse is something I am quite familiar with, even though I didn’t know that’s what it was at the time. Yet anytime I did ANYTHING that reminded him of my younger big brother (who was dishonorably discharged from the Army and became addicted to drugs, causing my dad to basically disown him), I would get the belt, and sometimes the fist. In hindsight, I do now know that my dad’s methods of punishment would have no doubt landed him in lockup nowadays, as I was often bruised and he was always careful not to leave marks in any visible areas. It taught me one thing though… something that has saved my life in my adult years… and that is how to defend myself (something I’ve had to do a few times). Something good came out of it, and as weird as this may sound, I’m thankful for that. Had he not been that way, I may have been dead a few times over by now.

My father had some really great points as well, and I have many fond memories of him that don’t involve my hiding in terror. We would go on cross country vacations (always by car. I’m not sure if it was just that he liked seeing the scenic stuff and liked having the freedom to stop at random to check out interesting things along the way, or if he just didn’t like to fly). We toured through Texas, all the way from Ft. Worth/Dallas down to San Antonio, stopping here and there to see sights such as Judge Roy Bean’s courthouse, the Alamo, etc. We took a trip to Ft. Wayne, Indiana one year to see my Mimi and Grandpa over Thanksgiving one year, which was a little scary simply because of the weather. My dad though, had a way of making you feel calm during terrible weather, even though you could see all of the cars that skidded off of the roads, or the 18-wheelers that had jack-knived and overturned into a ditch. One of my favorites was our trip to Monterey, California. We had stopped in Big Sir, took the 17 mile drive, ate on Fisherman’s Wharf in Cannary Row (my dad had me read the book about it on the drive there by Robert Louis Stevenson) where we had calamari for the first time, and we even took a fishing boat tour out into the ocean to see the migration of the blue whales, which was impressive! I remember the name of the fishing boat: “The Big Kahuna!” My mom was wearing flip flops, and somehow one of them flip flopped right off of her foot and into the water… I swear to this day that one of those whales surfaced with that flip flop on it’s head! Hahaha!

As I grew older, and hit about the age that Chey is now, I decided I wanted a phone in my bedroom. Ironically it wasn’t really to talk to boys (yeah, like you believe THAT! Hehe), but I loved listening to Dr. Demento on Friday nights, and would constantly call the radio station to request songs, or try to win free tickets to the roller rink by way of radio contests that they only really did in the late evenings (usually around 8:00pm PST). I even wanted my phone to be a “push button” phone, because that was all the rage at the time. That was out big advance in technology… push buttons instead of the old rotary dial phone I would have to haul into my room and hope nobody broke their neck by tripping over the cord that was stretched through the house. My parents finally gave in and installed one (it was just an extension phone, not a separate number, of course), only because I worked my tail off and got a decent grade on a math test. You see, back in those days, you had to work for something when it came to your parents… good grades, extra chores, stuff like that. Even then, it was a privilege to have it and could be taken at any given time for letting grades slip or just plain misbehaving. Basically, you earned it, you got it, but your parents still owned it.

I was quite the avid equestrian growing up, having been around horses my entire life. We went quite a long stretch without our own horses, but the family of a school friend of mine who lived on the same street had a few horses, so we spent most of our free time on horseback.  My parents had sold our horses shortly after I started Kindergarten for a couple of reasons. Between both of my parents working, and the cost of keeping them, they really had no choice, as I was too young to care for them myself and they could just no longer afford the upkeep, hay, oats, and the occasional vet bill. So until I was in my teens, I had to rely on other people’s horses. However, by a small stroke of luck, when I was 14 or 15 years old, one of our neighbors had approached my dad with a proposition. Mr. Blackmore knew a few guys who had 5 horses (a Thoroughbred/Arabian mix that was retired from racing, a Quarterhorse who had injured her hip when she bucked in the horse trailer a few years prior, a purebred Arabian and her foal, and a Mustang) that needed a place to go. The owners had lost their pasture in the mountains, and had no place to keep the horses aside of paying a small fortune in “horse alley” (a “horse kennel” if you will), and since we still had the barn and pasture, asked if we would put the horses up. My dad had told him “look, I will let them use my barn and pasture rent free. They need to provide all necessary food, as long as my daughter can ride whenever she wants.” I was so happy, I even agreed to keep the stalls clean, and feed/water the horses myself. So a week later, we had 5 horses in our care, and I became fast friends with Snip (the Thoroughbred). I would come home from school, quickly do my homework, and out the backdoor I went to tack Snip, and go. We would ride for a few hours, just going everywhere yet going nowhere. I would ride him into the outskirts of town just to grab a soda from the gas station at the freeway off-ramp. That summer, you couldn’t get me away from those horses. The Arabian was the only one I couldn’t ride since she had never been broken, but I did ride the Quarterhorse, giving her light exercise. In fact, one day when I was riding her, she tripped over her own front feet and in an explosion of dirt and debris, down we went ass over kiddy-cart and she rolled right over me. I suppose she and I were both going on instinct, because I stayed as low and close her her back and neck as possible and she arched her back to keep from crushing me. Shockingly, I only came out of that terribly frightening ordeal with a few sagebrush scratches on my arms! 

Ask a child these days what they want to be when they grow up. I knew what my two answers were. I either wanted to be a jockey in horse races (for a woman back then, that was no easy feat, but at 5′, and 98 lbs, I would have fit the bill nicely as far as being light enough), or a Solid Gold Dancer! Of course I didn’t know at that time that a show like Solid Gold wouldn’t be there forever. Talk about crushing my dreams when the show was cancelled! I was devastated!

As I got into high school, I started realizing that in some way, shape, or form, I wanted to be a performer. I was in choir (our choir took State one year. VERY cool!), and Drama. In fact, at that time, our high school didn’t recognize Drama as a letter earning activity. Myself and the rest of my class got together that year and organized a mass Drama walkout if the school didn’t allow us to letter, because it WAS an extracurricular activity worthy of a letter between the time we spent in theatre itself and the weekends when we were at the school rehearsing for hours and hours on end. I had earned an Honor Thespian Award by that time, but there was alot of effort being put in for a tiny little lapel pin, and we didn’t feel that was quite enough for the time we had to spend away from home. Finally though, the school board relented and lettered those of us who had earned it after coming to observe us for a couple of weekends as we were preparing for a production. They realized how much time and stamina it took between the tech students, actors, and stagehands, and how much time we had to spend away from home. Not to mention we had to maintain our GPA in order to stay in the play and not have our part go to our understudy. I still became a stage dancer and later went to to do some choreography later in life, which more than likely contributed to my bone issues (making me feel like I have a 90 year old skeletal system, rather than my 43 year old self). 

Children these days will never know that back in the day, the struggle was real. If we needed to research something for our homework, especially when writing a paper on a certain topic, we had to hit up the hard copies of the Encyclopedia Brittanica, or go spend some time at the library. We didn’t have fancy cell phones and Google that would give us the information within seconds, or music at our fingertips. So now the question is, how do we get this new generation back on track while at the same time utilizing modern technology as a tool of education and not one of entertainment? THAT is what I think about when I feel nostaligic and look to the future of the human race.

One last note…. all photos and memes I have used on here, I have found on the internet. Since I do not know the original sources, I will say this: You know who you are, and I give you full credit. I take no credit in the photos or memes in this blog  🙂

~Kristi S~

State of the City Address with Mayor Goodman

This evening (January 12, 2017) at 5:00pm, I had the amazing opportunity to watch our Mayor, Carolyn Goodman, do her thing at her State of the City address at City Hall. I feel very fortunate to have been invited as my friend’s “plus one” for this event, because I really do admire the Goodmans. As it happens, Former Mayor Oscar Goodman is a friend of a man that I work with and have known for 15 years. So when he got the personal invitation in the mail to attend and he asked me to accompany him, my resounding “YES” was a no-brainer! 

Our evening began by finding seats off to the side where the general public would sit, since the middle section was reserved for elected officials, friends and family of the Mayor, the press, etc. However, as luck would have it, four seats in the middle of the fourth row in the reserved section were vacant due to no-shows, so my friend and I were moved to the special seating. It was wonderful, as we were both dressed in our business finery… myself in a sweater dress with a cowl neck, and him in a suit and tie (which in my 15 years of knowing him I have NEVER seen him wear!), and we were seated right in front of some of the city’s finest judges. I had taken a selfie of myself and my friend because they were doing a live Twitter feed thing, using the hashtag #StateOfVegas, which they immediately showed on the big screens. My friend, who is 74 years old, got a major kick out of that! I love it when I can show him a fun time because he is a retired Navy Veteran, and rarely gets dressed up to leave the house for anything other than a family function.  I go as his personal assistant so that not only is he not alone, but I am also there in case of an emergency due to his ongoing health issues.

I will add here that I was taking notes on my phone while trying to hang onto the Mayor’s every word, so I didn’t necessarily catch all of the numbers being tossed out, and I may have a couple of inaccuracies in my blog. So I will try by best to recapture everything I can. If I missed anything, I do apologize, and you can always go to the Facebook page for the City of Las Vegas to see the Mayor’s Address for yourself. However, I thought it was very wonderful to have SOMETHING to blog about that is full of promise and hope! If you have anything you want to add, please do so in my comment section!

As we were waiting for the Mayor, who was running a few minutes late after they introduced all of the Councilmen and had them seated, we were entertained by a video of her being driven around by Elvis in a pink Cadillac convertible as they were driving by all of the fun sights our city has to offer. Once she was in the building and walking down the isle toward the podium, we all stood and applauded as she looked a little flustered and cracked a joke about how Elvis is a great singer but a bad driver! We had a good laugh at that. She then had a little fun with Councilman Bob Coffin about the over/under (a little betting term for you non-Vegans) as to how long her address would last. I honestly can’t remember what his witty retort was, but again, the room was filled with laughter. She then moved on to her 6th State of the City Address as Mayor of Las Vegas.

She began by assuring us that we will move forward after the 20th of the month with the new Presidential Administration, and not take a step back. We were filled in on the accomplishments of our city during the last year, which included Las Vegas being recognized as being one of the only large cities using renewable energy 3 weeks ago. Financially, the city did well for the Fiscal Year of 2016, and many new businesses have sprouted up around the city… large AND small. Including the first Resort Hotel opening here in just over a decade: The Lucky Dragon. In all seriousness, I didn’t realize it had been that long since we had a new major Hotel open up, since Las Vegas is such a fast paced city already. How time flies!  We had a safer time overall with the presence of more police on the streets (although admittedly, I have to question that one, but that’s just me). For New Year’s Eve, we had 340,000 plus visitors on the Strip with no major incidents. Also, we now apparently have a new “Pickle Ball Court” at the Plaza (WHAT is Pickle Ball??)
We have been recognized as having some of the most unique museums according to travel sites, such as the Mob Museum (which, if you haven’t been there, I HIGHLY recommend it!), Leid’s Discovery Museum for Children in Symphony Park, the Natural History Museum, Neon Boneyard (which is really impressive at night, and well worth the extra few dollars), and one that I think she forgot to mention… the Atomic Museum. We also have a very cool thing here now called Container Park on Fremont Street, which features a gigantic praying mantis sculpture out front that throws fire at night! Very impressive, indeed! 

On to 2017, which is set to be a pretty amazing and cutting edge year for us. The Premium Outlet Mall on Grand Central, which is the largest outdoor mall with record numbers of visitors, is looking to expand and build a new garage. Binion’s is looking to reopen it’s tower, and we have the first Autonomous Shuttle in the Downtown area (which was just announced this last Tuesday)… from what I’ve heard, it’s actually an unmanned shuttle! 

All 5 Clark County Mayors are looking to work together to make Southern Nevada even better (and safer) by way of widening roads, more bike lanes, working on pedestrian safety, etc. for the whole of Clark County. I really wish them the best on this endeavor, because pedestrian safety has really become a major issue lately with people crossing the streets with no crosswalk (or 100 feet away from a crosswalk). Sadly, we have had too many pedestrian fatalities due to this. 

Mayor Goodman went on to thank each of the Councilmen & Women and their liasons of the 6 Wards for their hard work and dedication…. Maybe one of these days, I’ll ask Stavros Anthony what the heck a Pickle Ball Court is! To be honest, I keep envisioning people throwing pickles at each other with a lingering smell of vinegar in the air! She followed up by thanking our Judges for their vigilant work in the courtroom.

The Mayor spoke of how she sees growth, prosperity, ongoing change, and improvements for Summerlin, the World Market Center, Symphony Park, and opening “the Modern” bridge from the Railroad TO Symphony Park, widening the sidewalks, and better connectivity. There are plans for upgrades to the Canopy for the Fremont Street Experience, and in 2017, more growth means more jobs.

Mayor Goodman touched on five major points:

1: Safety is a priority, which includes meeting with Homeland Security and getting security funding for safety and preparedness.

2: Broader and better healthcare for Southern Nevada by hiring better doctors through training, and making Medicaid better regarding their reimbursement rates, as they are too low at the moments.

3: Fix the homeless problem, especially for Veterans. It’s time to do more for the mentally ill. As it stands, after 48 hours of treatment and medications in a facility, whether it be a hospital or jail, patients are tossed back on the streets with no additional help for the medications and treatment they need.

4: Education… we currently rank #50 in the Nation! We are the lowest on the Nationwide list as far as our educational system is concerned (this is including test scores, drop out rates, etc). Out of Nevada’s funding, the least amount is given toward academics. There is not enough funding set aside per child to educate a single child, let alone a city full of children. We do not have enough to pay for and train teachers. We need more in the way of music, arts, etc. So where is our money for education going?

5: Stadiums! Soccer, Hockey, MBL, NFL… those are major money makers. Not only will they bring more jobs, but also more income through tourism. While it’s wonderful that the T-Mobile Arena was built, we still need actual sports stadiums. 40,000 parking spaces already exist, with room for more to be added. Not to mention there are no FAA restrictions at the Cashman site.

Through continued commitment to our city of Las Vegas, we can accomplish so much more and make 2017 a very special year for our city! 

In closing, I will add something wonderful that I think I forgot to mention… and that is that Las Vegas is being recognized next week as the Singular Large City Recipient for Beating Childhood Obesity! Now That is something special and something to be proud of! I’m so happy that education and the health of our youth has finally become a priority in Vegas!


Hollywood Strike? REALLY?

Goodness gracious…. Here I was hoping to find something really cool or witty to report and give an opinion on in this blog, but sadly that is not the case. Yes, we are STILL stuck on the insanity of the Hollywood Elite! Here I was having a fairly positive day, going out to eat, not worrying about social media or the mainstream that has become the laughing stock of the 21st Century… and then I opened Facebook and saw the news articles reported not only by some of the more questionable sites, but also reputable ones as well. I read that these spoiled egotistical Elitists were wanting to implement a full on strike in Hollywood that would trickle down from the actors, all the way to the souvenier shops! Oh joy! To make things even more amusing, I read that this strike would continue until Trump resigns as President! If you think that’s going to happen, then you are more out of touch with the world than I initially gave you credit for. You know what? Go right ahead, because the big vast Universe does NOT revolve around Hollywood! In fact, these days, some of the best shows and movies are actually coming out of Canada because the new generation of American writers just really don’t have what it takes to put ink to page to pen an entertaining script these days. They are SO bad at it in fact, that they have been recycling movies from 30 years ago!

Go ahead Hollywood, because I can assure you that if you strike, there are A LOT of people out here with tons of talent who are just waiting for that big break so they can replace the same tired old faces we have been seeing on the big screen, which for the record, the average working class American can’t afford to go see half the time anyway because the budgets on these films are astronomical due to your over inflated financial egos!

You know, based on what I have been reading today and seeing in the news, I actually hope that President Trump teaches you a lesson by reinstating the “House of Un-American Activities Committee” (HUAC) of the 1940s and 1950s. Surely you remember that… when actors and writers were getting blacklisted from Hollywood for being commies. Because let me tell you, whether you want to admit it or not, what you are insinuating by your actions is nothing less than a “my way or the highway because I am the shit” act of Communism. Back in the day, you would no doubt be tried for treason for speaking out about the leader of our country in this manner.  You are NOT politicians. You are high dollar actors who haven’t a clue how the world works because you’re so busy living in your cozy $2.5 million dollar bubble with your nightly filet minion (or have we all gone Vegan by now, I can’t keep up), that you make yourselves “feel better” by giving to various charities without actually getting out there to meet the working class who are suffering and just trying to eek out a modicum of a living.

If you want to get into politics, fine. Do what Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, and even Sonny Bono did. Drop your acting, and learn the ways of the political machine. Just stop prattling on about a childish strike because the election didn’t go your way. You know what that’s called? Acting like a bunch of spoiled self entitled brats throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get your way. Get over it and move on, because you are all acting like the world is going to explode on the 20th when Trump is sworn into office. The last time I checked, the ONLY actress to claim to be psychic was Shirley McLane, and if SHE hasn’t uttered  peep about this, than neither should you! You’re supposed to be better than this, but boy was I fooled by your wonderful acting skills! 

Meryl Streep never even thanked the people who chose her for the Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe Award, being the ingrate that she is. Remember, it was your fans and your peers who put that in your hands, you self absorbed windbag! Everyone else seemed to accept their awards with grace and dignity. You accepted yours with a big “fuck you.”

In closing, I will reiterate this: if Hollywood were to go on strike and shut down, I can assure you that America will be just fine. In fact, it would be good for us with the onslaught of new techs, actors, key grips, musicians, and so on. I for one LOVE seeing fresh faces in the world of entertainment, and believe me when I say if it comes down to a choice between watching a new Meryl Streep movie, or football, all I have to say is: GO COWBOYS! Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in your Liberal Communistic stuck up asses on your way out! 

~Kristi S~ 


I’m Tired of People Being Ugly to Each Other

“Mostly I’m tired of people being ugly to each other. I’m tired of all the pain I feel and hear in the world everyday. There’s too much of it.”

If anyone has ever seen “The Green Mile,” by Stephen King, you will know the above quote by the character John Coffey.  So why do I bring up a movie quote, you might ask?  I have been witnessing this ugliness more and more, especially in this past year. It’s as though either too many people in the world no longer care, or they have lost their souls entirely. I understand how easy it is to be an egotistical asshole when you’re barricaded anonymously behind the safety of your keyboard, but it seems that this displaced anger is being directed at the wrong targets. People want to be mad? I get it! Hell, I’m behind a keyboard myself right now for the same reason… because I’m mad.  The only difference is that I still have a heart and soul that won’t let me lash out with the insane intent of hurting others needlessly.


A friend of mine posted today this video of a very beautiful girl dancing in her undergarments. For the sake of privacy, I’m not going to show the actual video or even a screen shot of it, for that matter. However, the girl who was dancing had the body of a classic beauty. In fact, she had the exact same body style as one of the biggest sex symbols of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe. She was confident, curvy, and looked as though she was having a good time. My guess is that she made this video because she found her renewed self confidence after having actually lost a great deal of weight, and was showing off her new body. Yet someone in the comment section was shallow enough to say something to the effect of, “how sad for her… that’s just gross.” We aren’t talking about someone who was morbidly obese, we were talking about a woman who just wasn’t rail thin and 98 pounds soaking wet! I posted photos of Marilyn Monroe in her swimsuit without the girdle that gave her the renowned hourglass figure that we all remember from her dresses in her films. To me, this was a classic case of an ugly heart who had to sound off and was possibly not comfortable in her own skin. Many women are getting catty online and bullying those who don’t have the body of a walking twig. Thank you for that, by the way, Hollywood.

I have seen people bullying our celebs that do so much for us in the Supernatural Family as well. How horrible and ugly of a heart do you have to have to bully a cast that does so much for this family of ours? These are men and women who make themselves accessible to us, the Fandom, and sometimes even become friends with us on a more personal level. They put themselves out there for us and treat us as equals.  They are some of the most humble, caring, giving, beautiful souls I have ever met. Our political views or even our religious views may not always be the same, but we all respect one another. We (the TRUE fans) love seeing the pictures of their beautiful families that they don’t have to share with the world… but they do because that’s what families do online these days: share family moments. Yet, for some reason, this younger disillusioned (or delusional) generation send hate to the beautiful wives of our boys, and for what? They are our brothers and sisters, and we should be happy they have been so lucky in life. It escapes my comprehension that people can be so cruel to some of the most special and loving people on the planet. Especially when there are so many stars that could give two shits about their fans and are completely inaccessible. We have been lucky, because Supernatural, a show that was only slated to last 5 seasons and now confirmed for a 13th because they know how much we (the Fandom) care about them, has become not just a show…. But a life experience! 

On to other things, I have already had my little rant over Meryl Streep using her Golden Globe acceptance speech as a political platform to roast President-Elect Trump. Meanwhile, there was a disabled man who was kidnapped, beaten, terrorized, tortured, made to say F@#K Trump, and F@#K white people, on Facebook LIVE! An obvious hate crime, but I guess because the victim was white and the assailants weren’t, that wasn’t worth mentioning in her little tirade because Streep was so busy bashing Trump that she either didn’t think of this poor guy, or simply didn’t care because it didn’t fit her agenda.

American morals and values have become so completely skewed and twisted, that I can’t even say it’s the left or the right doing it. It’s people in general! My Goddess, if I wanted to kill myself, it would be so easy to do…. All I would have to do is climb up on the ego of Americans, and jump to their general IQs! Believe me, THAT would be a long and fatal fall!

Is it too much to ask that America takes a collective chill pill?     


Meryl Streep’s Comments and People’s Reactions to Them

There was an article showing the video of Meryl Streep and her soapbox routine to bash President-Elect Trump. A woman had posted her opinion on the matter, stating that she loves Streep, but lost respect for her for using her award speech as a semi-roasting session, and was completely jumped all over and bashed for stating her opinion. The last time I checked, this is America and we are all entitled to our opinions, so I had to respond in the most unbiased manner I could think of. The following is the response I had written (which ironically has been completely ignored on the thread, which I find amusing). I have edited out the name of her person being bashed with asterisks for her privacy and protection, but this is a prime example of how the American divide is being caused not by the politicians or the Hollywood Elite, but by ourselves. 


I normally don’t post on sites like this…. especially based on what I’m seeing here. You can take what I say with a grain of salt, because personally, I’m not for either side at this point. Here is what I’m seeing though…. and it’s happening alot all over the internet: it’s the mindset of “everyone is entitled to their opinion because we have free speech…. unless I don’t agree with your opinion, and then you’re wrong.” P***** B***** had an opinion and stated it as is her right, yet was jumped all over for saying it? Something is seriously broken in this country when people jump all over someone and resort to name calling just because they utilize their 1st Amendment right. I do agree that Meryl Streep should not have used this as a political platform. I like watching things like the Emmys, or Golden Globes, SAG Awards, etc, because I like seeing artists get awards for working their butts off and earning them, but when they start to use it as a political soapbox, even I have to admit it’s a little bit of a turn off. Mad respect to anyone who is not afraid to state their opinion, but there is a time and a place and in MY opinion, this was neither the time NOR the place. Jump on me all you want… but what I just said is coming from a Democrat who has been completely disgusted with the way the DNC has been conducting itself. The insults that I see flying around…. is that the legacy you really want to leave? Is that the way you want your children to behave? Because they learn from us, and if we can’t be civil and have a calm and rational debate without acting like a bunch of monkeys flinging feces at one another, how can we expect the next generation to be any better? Like Trump, hate Trump, it doesn’t matter. The fact is, he will be sworn into office on the 20th, and all we can do right now is hope for the best…. but if we want to come together and be the strong country I know we can be (or at least HOPE we can be), we have to be the best of humanity. How can we expect this new president to even TRY and succeed if we all keep acting like a bunch of animals towards one another? How many of you are religious people? Have you even bothered to read your Bible from cover to cover? Did not your Jesus say to love one another? Conversely, why is it taking a lifelong Pagan to remind you of this? To be strong, we must come together as one. Not divide ourselves further with this “Us vs. Them” attitude. It’s not our politicians or as was so eloquently put “the Tangerine Twat” that I’m losing faith in…. it’s humanity itself.

Campus Rape Culture

​Tonight, I think it’s time to address the rape culture that is running amok on our college campuses. As most of you know by now, there are guys who are in sports that for some reason think it’s ok to sexually assault female students. The problem here is that they are actually getting away with it! What the hell?? The excuse of the judges? “I don’t want to ruin this young man’s college career or his future.” So what about the future of the young woman that  was raped? Is this not take into consideration? Are we, as women, just toys that you assholes think you can play roughly with and then toss off to the side when you are done with your nefarious and sick acts? Newsflash…. WE ARE NOT SEX DOLLS! If you want a sex toy, go to an adult store and buy one if you have such a hard time keeping your teeny tiny pipe cleaner in your trousers!

The judges in these cases need to be disbarred. Seriously…. That or out these cases in front of female judges, because the misogynistic and antiquated mindset of these men seem to be getting in the way of them doing their jobs. These are not little boys who don’t know any better…. These college students are ADULTS who should know right from wrong! It seems to be an epidemic, especially in the past year or two because these young men are learning that there really are no repercussions for being a douchebag!  They don’t even get a slap on the wrist…. They get a very mild talking to! Meanwhile, their victims (and yes, these young women ARE victims) have to deal with this for the rest of their lives! Some need therapy for a very long time, drop out of school, are afraid of associating with other humans, and some even become suicidal. I suppose that’s ok with these moronic judges though, since they keep repeating the same pattern. 

You know what I wish? I wish one…. Just ONE… judge would make a judicial example out of these sexual predators! Toss them in prison just like any other sex offender, and make sure they go into general population so that they can become “Bubba’s Bitch.” I don’t give a damn if they get expelled from an Ivy League College, or can never find a good line of work. Let’s face it… the majority of these offenders are jocks. The only reason they even made it into their respective colleges is because they can play sports, which tells me that they have no grey matter to speak of, because they certainly didn’t get in based on their intelligence! They are socially and mentally underdeveloped Cro-Magnon knuckle draggers that have only two speeds in their way of thinking: sex and sports… and they probably got into sports to curb their desire to be violent animals, which is manifest in the way they are assaulting women! Do NOT go easy on these hairless apes! After all, what do you do with an ape once it’s out of it’s natural habitat? You put it in a cage for the rest of it’s natural life so that it can no longer do any harm! 

Judges: DO YOUR DAMN JOBS! We, the people, are paying you! We OWN you! We elected you, and here is yet another newsflash…. We can fire you!  YOU, dear judges, are the cause of this new campus rape culture that should have never been allowed to happen! 

For the record, if I had MY way, I would toss these offenders into a locked room with a bunch of pissed off female victims and let them have their way with said offender. Just some food for thought, because this has GOT to stop somehow, and it’s becoming apparent that it isn’t going to happen on a legal and judicial level!

~Kristi S.~

A World Gone Mad

I was listening to a news briefing this afternoon on my Amazon Echo (because you know, I HAVE to keep up on the latest technological trends LOL), and heard about the mass shooting in Ft. Lauderdale. The gunman? One of our own. As if it’s not bad enough that we have to worry about threats from outside sources, now we have to worry about our own military?

The way I heard it, he was in the Alaskan National Guard. He claims that he had been bombarded by so much ISIS/Islamic propaganda lately, that he snapped. This concerns me on a few levels. One being that our Veterans (no matter what branch or where they served) are not getting the care they need, which we already knew. The other being that our enemies have found a way to use our own military against us using psychological warfare.

Before we go any further on this, I AM going to add the disclaimer in here that this is a piece based SOLELY on MY opinion, and not necessarily on fact, so if anyone has anything to add in the comment section, please feel free to do so. I am not in the business of giving misinformation and am writing this as I am slowly piecing together the information I have gotten today. I have been away from any television and other news sources, having been out and about all day.

~Kristi S.~

Dear Generation Butthurt:

In the midst of social media, the one thing I have noticed A LOT lately are the keyboard warriors who think they are the smartest people in the world. Newsflash: you aren’t! Here’s the thing, when all you know how to do is Google something, quote something from Wikipedia (because we all know how reliable THAT is, right?), and then try to sound intelligent by posting such quotes by means of horrible grammar and misspelling your words…. that’s when we know we have a problem.

Then you get your “Social Justice Warriors.” These people to me, are the lowest on the rung of human thought. 90% of them have NO clue what they are advocating for or fighting against. All they know is what they hear in commercialized media, and parrot what they hear like they don’t have one single original thought or idea in their small underdeveloped brains. These are the same caliber of jackasses who sit safely behind their computer screens and insist that the world change it’s way of thinking in order to protect their delicate little feelings. Ironically, these people are generally the nice quiet overweight unemployed people who wouldn’t have the cajones to say a bad word to someone face to face for fear of getting a black eye. They may make their little videos, whine and cry about how the world is out to get them (and when I say cry, I quite literally mean full on waterworks), all from the safety of their parent’s basement at the age of 40.

What the hell happened to the days when you didn’t have to walk on eggshells with your words or actions? For the sake of the Gods, get out into the real world, people! Stop crying and whining about what you don’t have. Stop being so afraid of the outside world that you jump when you hear a car backfire! In my 43 years, I have never seen such a conglomeration of overly sesitive oversized babies! 

Look, I’m NOT a politically correct person. I call a spade a spade, and if you don’t like it, it’s not MY problem…. it’s yours. Americans (ESPECIALLY the Millenials) need to grow up! Pull up your adult pants and get a grip! Stop acting like a bunch of spoiled bratty children and be the adults I know you can be. I WILL say things that I know people won’t like, but I will ALWAYS give you the harsh truth whether you want to hear it or not. Your fragile mental state is NOT my responsibility. You don’t like the way the world works? Then get off of your collective asses and do something about it! Become productive members of society in a non-violent, non-whiny way. Read a book every once in a while, get out and take a nature walk, hell… go base jumping! Be adventurous! Just stop trying to make everyone feel like a heel for hurting your delicate feelings. 

In closing, I would just like to say to our new group which I have dubbed “Generation Butthurt”….. GET A LIFE! Stop trying to make everyone else feel miserable just because life isn’t going your way.

~Kristi S.~

When you start writing again!

Well, here we go folks! I have decided to pick up my keyboard again after quite a lengthy hiatis. 

In the past few years, I think I had lost my passion for writing, but lately it has become such a cathartic outlet that I have decided it’s time to have my “voice” heard again… and OH what I voice I have! 

So here, I am adding into this little blog a new greeting and introduction. As with most of humanity, I like to rant and voice my opinion on things, especially when they piss me off. Writing is a wonderful outlet for this, because it really does keep me from strangling people. Not that I could actually do such a thing, but I think you all know where I’m coming from. 

So here, I will have opinions, rants, and short stories to share. I may even surprise you with a little poetry from time to time! I like to be colorful with my words, so even when I’m writing angrily, I may (and hopefully do) make you smile or even chuckle a bit! 

To be honest, most of my rants stem from the stupid shit I see, hear, and read regarding news stories. Let’s face it, humans can be pretty stupid creatures at times, and it can be really, REALLY entertaining to roast them for being a waste of space. I may write a few fictional things (which I actually do have here in my archives if you wish to check them out). 

So….. keep an eye out, feel free to let me know what you think, and hopefully I can even help a few people along the way. Not to toot my own horn (please ignore the fact that I’m frantically hiding my horn as we speak), but I have been known to give some great advice from time to time. Take a few moments if you wish to leave some feedback in my comment section (if there is still one on here LOL) and let me know what you would like to have me write about next! 

I will post from time to time, and publish mostly on Twitter. However, if you are on Facebook as well, do not fear, for I may post there as well for your reading pleasure! If I offend anyone with my views, well then, it sucks to be you.

On that note, I’m off to see the wizard, so look for my blog links in the near future!

~ Kristi S. ~


Thanksgiving is a tough time for me. I have to honor my mother’s side with the traditional feast, yet I have to honor my father’s Blackfeet heritage as well. I have come to a compromise, which I hope helps others in my situation. Yes, we have turkey and the fixings. We taught the white settlers how to cultivate this land. But because of the way we were treated by euro settlers, I have a story circle with my family, telling them of the hardships and the traditional stories of the Piegan Blackfoot. Instead of rolls, we have frybread. Cornpone is served,as well as a few other traditional #Native dishes. We honor Squanto and his dreams of peace with the settlers. We set out reminders of our NDN heritage, while playing drum music from Eagle Rib and Olivia Tailfeathers. After we eat, I tell my children of our history, and tell them of our spirit animals. We wear traditional regalia as a reminder to everyone of the intended peace of this first feast. So yes, being white and NDN is a MAJOR balancing act during this holiday, and I want my children and future generations to remember our past, our stories, and our hardships. But they also need to know the history of our Scottish heritage as well. Afterwards, we give an offering of tobacco to send our prayers to the creator. I call this a compromise, as I am proud of both sides of my heritage, and wish for my children to be as well. I hope this helps everyone who faces the same quandry. Honor where you come from, for if it weren’t for these sacrifices, none of us would be here. Give offerings of corn and grain for the next harvest, and give thanks for life. I love you all, and know that some #Natives have issues with this holiday for GOOD reason. But never forget how we started with trying to make peace. Yes, we were turned on once settlers mastered cultivation and hunting things they didn’t see in their wn native lands. But we prevailed. Some maintained full blood, or at least half. Some of us were’s so lucky with the generation dilutions. But through all, we stand #NativeStrong Never forget our ancestors. That said, don’t be bitter with this day, but use it to honor our tribes.  ❤