Campus Rape Culture

​Tonight, I think it’s time to address the rape culture that is running amok on our college campuses. As most of you know by now, there are guys who are in sports that for some reason think it’s ok to sexually assault female students. The problem here is that they are actually getting away with it! What the hell?? The excuse of the judges? “I don’t want to ruin this young man’s college career or his future.” So what about the future of the young woman that  was raped? Is this not take into consideration? Are we, as women, just toys that you assholes think you can play roughly with and then toss off to the side when you are done with your nefarious and sick acts? Newsflash…. WE ARE NOT SEX DOLLS! If you want a sex toy, go to an adult store and buy one if you have such a hard time keeping your teeny tiny pipe cleaner in your trousers!

The judges in these cases need to be disbarred. Seriously…. That or out these cases in front of female judges, because the misogynistic and antiquated mindset of these men seem to be getting in the way of them doing their jobs. These are not little boys who don’t know any better…. These college students are ADULTS who should know right from wrong! It seems to be an epidemic, especially in the past year or two because these young men are learning that there really are no repercussions for being a douchebag!  They don’t even get a slap on the wrist…. They get a very mild talking to! Meanwhile, their victims (and yes, these young women ARE victims) have to deal with this for the rest of their lives! Some need therapy for a very long time, drop out of school, are afraid of associating with other humans, and some even become suicidal. I suppose that’s ok with these moronic judges though, since they keep repeating the same pattern. 

You know what I wish? I wish one…. Just ONE… judge would make a judicial example out of these sexual predators! Toss them in prison just like any other sex offender, and make sure they go into general population so that they can become “Bubba’s Bitch.” I don’t give a damn if they get expelled from an Ivy League College, or can never find a good line of work. Let’s face it… the majority of these offenders are jocks. The only reason they even made it into their respective colleges is because they can play sports, which tells me that they have no grey matter to speak of, because they certainly didn’t get in based on their intelligence! They are socially and mentally underdeveloped Cro-Magnon knuckle draggers that have only two speeds in their way of thinking: sex and sports… and they probably got into sports to curb their desire to be violent animals, which is manifest in the way they are assaulting women! Do NOT go easy on these hairless apes! After all, what do you do with an ape once it’s out of it’s natural habitat? You put it in a cage for the rest of it’s natural life so that it can no longer do any harm! 

Judges: DO YOUR DAMN JOBS! We, the people, are paying you! We OWN you! We elected you, and here is yet another newsflash…. We can fire you!  YOU, dear judges, are the cause of this new campus rape culture that should have never been allowed to happen! 

For the record, if I had MY way, I would toss these offenders into a locked room with a bunch of pissed off female victims and let them have their way with said offender. Just some food for thought, because this has GOT to stop somehow, and it’s becoming apparent that it isn’t going to happen on a legal and judicial level!

~Kristi S.~


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