On this day, the one month anniversary of the terrible shooting which took place in Parkland, FL, we have all witnessed students from schools across the Nation stand together in solidarity to send the message, “enough is enough!”  We feel it is time to present a practical, efficient, and inexpensive solution to ensure the safety of our children that would in no way interfere with our 2nd Amendment Rights.

The basic action of the modern firearm has changed very little in the last 160 years, and the basic ingredients of firing a projectile from a firearm has not changed in 500 years. Technology, on the other hand, has increased a hundred-fold in just the last 20 years.  We feel it’s time to tap into those technological advancements in order to better deal with the problems being caused by this relatively ancient instrument.

My husband and I have been in contact with representatives from a company which has developed an innovative new device, which has the ability to detect the presence of GUNPOWDER in live ammunition when it gets within a range of 9 feet. Imagine the positive implications of a device that could protect us (ESPECIALLY our children) from danger by preventing it from ever even entering a building.  Even in its infancy, this technology could be used (within 6 months) in conjunction with automatic locking doors so if even a single round of ammunition tried to cross the 9 foot barrier, the doors would lock shut; thereby securing the building in an instant.

What we propose is to bring a prototype, along with one or more representatives of this company, for a public demonstration of its capabilities.  This would be done on a simple laptop with an alarm to alert you when the sensor has been breached.  School Representatives, Public Officials, and members of the media would be encouraged to be in attendance.  We could then discuss how it can be used in conjunction with switches, alarms, automatic locking doors, etc. in a way that would make any school where it is installed virtually impenetrable by any person or persons carrying a loaded weapon. If you should decide to allow us to perform a demonstration, we will strive to meet any schedule, and we are eager to begin work on this project immediately.  The sooner we can integrate this system into schools everywhere, the sooner we can rest in knowing that what happened in Parkland, Newtown, and Columbine will NEVER happen again.

As you can see, it is not the weapon we seek to keep off of school grounds, but the ammunition… the ONE common denominator in ALL firearms.  By applying this sensor device to this terrible dilemma which has befallen us all, we believe that it might someday be regarded as one of the greatest technological advancements of this Century.

Kristi Sustrick and Joseph Sustrick.                            

(702) 727-9551, (702) 690-8373

(702) 854-9551 (fax)


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