From a Friend

Dear Travis;

I figured that writing to you on this forum would be the easiest for everyone since all Victoria has to do is share a link, and you merely have to click on it. I also figured that since I do not have many subscribers to this site yet, this would be the safest way to let you know that you do have friends out here.  I will delete this post, of course, after I know that you have read it.   Just let Victoria know that you have seen it, or you can contact me via Facebook directly.

My heart hurts for you, as I have seen the sheer venom blasted your way for no reason other than to make a few bullies feel better about themselves.  I generally do not like to say anything negative about people, but having been on the receiving end of cyber bullying myself recently, all I can say is that these people have nothing better to do.  They make themselves feel better by trying to bring other people down because they feel miserable in their own lives. They feel invincible behind the safety of their computer screens and either forget or ignore the fact that there are living human beings with real feelings on the other end who read these disturbing posts.  I guarantee 98% of these people wouldn’t dare say even a small portion of what they throw out there given the chance to speak face to face.  This new generation of people have completely forgotten their social graces, if they were even taught any at all to begin with.

Yes, you are an actor… a damn fine one at that. However, first and foremost, you are a person.  A human deserving of all the dignity and respect that ANY of us deserve.  You just happen to have a cooler job than most of us. That’s another thing that people (especially the younger generation) seem to forget.  They have a difficult time separating reality from fiction and can’t compartmentalize the fact that you are NOT your character.  I don’t know…. maybe it’s easier for me since I have been around celebs since high school, and am a performer myself (although not on screen), and therefore, it’s much easier for me to see you all for the beautiful people you are.  You CERTAINLY don’t deserve ANY of this negativity!  That’s why I was working so hard to help Mark Pellegrino and Jeff Friday (PugfatherJeff) out with the OnlyLove campaign, because the bullying that has infected our fandom has become like a virus of sorts and needs to be eradicated, and we (the TRUE SPN Family) are the antidote.

Anyway, I just want you to know that aside from Castiel’s Angels, you also have Lucifer’s Legion watching your back.  If you need ANYTHING, please do not hesitate to ask.  As a Paralegal, I am bound by the cannons of the Attorney/Client privilege just as a Barred Attorney would be, so anything said in that capacity will always remain confidential unless otherwise specified (yes, I am a “Jill of all trades” so to speak). I will not say anything on Social Media (especially Twitter), but WILL pass along screenshots of anything I see as dangerously unseemly to Victoria so that she can pass it along to you. If you ever need to talk or vent, you can always reach me via Facebook Messenger under Kristi Sustrick.  I will reiterate that you DO have friends out here, and we are willing to listen and give you an outlet to vent.

I know all too well how badly words can hurt (the last round of bullies almost broke my 15 years of sobriety, which Jeff and Mark talked me through). The saying “the pen is mightier than the sword” rings very true, and can leave wounds and scars that are more difficult to heal than anything physical.  What really hurts is that you’re being treated in this manner after putting your life on the line for this country and our freedom, which NO Veteran should EVER have to endure. So thank you for your service!

That being said, I will close this now so that you don’t have to spend all night reading a short novel.  For the record, I DO believe you and I believe IN you.  Stay strong, my friend.


Kristi Sustrick


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