Why Full Socialism Is A Bad Idea

Lately, I have been reading and hearing the same rhetoric coming from the regressive left. What frightens me about this, is that these are the people who despite all proof that a Socialist Society incites a boatload of trouble down the road, want to live in one. They have been so brainwashed as of late, that they say the same things over and over like some sort of twisted mantra from a script they have been given to memorize. I’ve been hearing this on talk shows such as Tucker Carlson, where he invites a far leftist onto the show to explain their point of view.  The problem is, they either refuse to answer a simple question because they don’t have a logical rebuttal and were caught off guard, or they simply ignore the question altogether and continue their memorized script as though it’s some sort of “proof of life” video where they are being held for ransom and told to recite their lines verbatim. I have yet to determine whether this is intentional, or if they even realize they are doing it. It’s really no wonder Tucker always has a perpetual look of confusion on his face! I have taken to watching his show for the sheer entertainment of different guests saying the same thing over and over. 

Here’s something that really puzzles me, especially since there seems to be this population who wants a Socialist Utopia of sorts. First of all, they are starting to call the reality of the world we live in an “illusion.” I can’t help but wonder if they fell down a rabbit hole and are being mentored by the Cheshire Cat!  Did they choose “Drink Me” instead of “Eat Me?” Or do they think they are part of the Matrix, and took the wrong pill? It’s become quite apparent that they don’t watch the news or even pick up a newspaper, because if they had, they would be reading about places like Venezuela (the one I most like to cite because their society, which has ultimately become a violent dystopia has been broadcast on just about every news station out there), where it became a Socialist country that is now falling apart at the seams.  You see, it’s great to have SOME Social programs such as Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Foodstamps, etc. America has had these programs for decades.  However, we as taxpayers, pay money into these programs because they are set up as reciprocity programs, meaning… you pay into these programs, and they are there to help you through the hard times.  Yet this new generation that’s going into their early adult years see it as a free ride. Free medical, free food, free money, and in some cases free housing, rather than seeing it for what it’s meant to be: a helping hand when times are hard financially. These programs were never meant to be a way of life, and that’s what the Socialist mindset it turning it into because they simply don’t want to work. They feel that IF they work, they should be getting a managerial paycheck complete with the benefits packages that come along with the jobs, even though they don’t have the work experience NOR the work ethics to be deemed worthy of such pay. 

Let’s face it, Socialist countries set themselves up for failure in many ways from the beginning, because they don’t think of the long term consequences.  These programs cost money, and A LOT of it, to keep them running.  That money has to come from somewhere, which is generally gained through trade agreements by selling resources to countries that are at a disadvantage because they don’t have the same resources, yet need them. So then, what do you do when you have tapped out on your resources (which by the way, your OWN people also need), and no longer have any to sell?  You effectively have a country with no economy wherein people starve, crime rates go through the roof, you can’t repair your infrastructure, your roads are full of potholes, your buildings start falling apart, your educational system collapses… all of this and a plethora of other problems. This is happening right now in Venezuela (which again I cite because it’s the most recent to fall). Die-hard Socialists also have a very bad habit of throwing temper tantrums when their freebies are taken away because the Government can no longer afford to support them. The end result is a bunch of hungry pissed off people who work to overthrow the Government because it’s no longer working for them, which effectively solves nothing and only creates MORE problems. 

THIS is what WOULD have inevitably happened had Bernie or Hillary changed their address to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. They are already wealthy people who want to accumulate MORE wealth by taking advantage of their political positions.  So now, I can quite literally hear everyone saying “Trump is wealthy, and he will do the same.”  Bear in mind, that I am not defending Trump when I say this, but he was already a Billionaire when he decided to run for President. He opted to do this job for the next 4 to 8 years WITHOUT Presidential Pay, although he does have to take $1 per year by law.  The $400,000 per year is being donated into causes that help people, and he’s the first President since Kennedy to do this.  Yes, he’s trying to put a halt to the ILLEGAL immigration (not just from Mexico, as MSM would have everyone believe, but from everywhere) because illegal immigrants (meaning people who are in fact here illegally and have taken ZERO steps in starting the citizenship process) are working for lower wages, which means if and when they DO pay taxes, they are paying very little, and usually getting huge child tax credits back on their returns, they are on Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security (because not being able to speak English has been deemed a disability thanks to one of the addendums made by the previous administration), cash benefits through Welfare Programs, in many cases they are getting free housing or discounted housing vouchers, and guess what? They are living quite nicely off of YOUR tax dollars.  At this rate, by the time most of us are ready to retire, or we have something happen to cause us to go on disability, that money isn’t going to be there for the LEGAL citizens (both natural born, and naturalized) even though WE are the ones who paid into the system and programs. When they make money, they aren’t spending it here in the United States where it will go back into OUR economy, but they are sending it to their families in their respective countries of origin. I go to a place here called “Check City,” which is a multi-service cash company that provides money orders, Western Union, check cashing services, prepaid debit cards, and tax preparation. EVERY time I go in there, the windows are filled with people doing financial wire transfers to Mexico, El Salvador, Columbia, and many other Central American countries, and these Western Union transfers average around $3,000 that’s being sent out of the United States.  Conversely, here in the Southwest, it is MUCH more difficult for non-Spanish speaking people to find and keep jobs because most places now require you to be bilingual (although in the classifieds, they simply say “bilingual preferred” or “bilingual a plus”)  I have spoken to Human Resource people around town and have actually been told that if an applicant isn’t bilingual, their application is generally tossed in the “Circular File” (garbage can).  They aren’t even taken into consideration.  How does this help Americans?

Although I don’t agree with a lot of what Trump does, there are things I do commend him for.  Not many Presidents actually try and follow through on the campaign promises that got them elected.  A lot of people say “he doesn’t have any experience to be President.” Well my dear readers, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: NO first time President has the experience.  The ONLY Presidential Candidates that DO have experience are those that are running for a second term!  Yes, a Presidential Candidate might say something on the campaign trail, and flip their stance once they are in the White House. Why? Because until they are actually IN the Oval Office, they don’t have access to most of the information needed to back up certain claims or keep to certain promises.

In closing, I am going to revert back to my original intent behind this blog. America simply wouldn’t work as a Socialist country for the reasons I’ve stated, and many more. Why people don’t understand (or don’t WANT to understand) the economic mechanics of it is beyond me. I’ve tried explaining this to people every which way from Sunday until I’m ready to beat my head against the wall, but the far left just keeps wanting to talk in circles, asking the same questions over and over thinking that wording it differently will yield the answer they want to hear.  It’s not going to happen that way… ever. You will always get the same answer from people with critical thinking skills, because for the most part, it really is common sense no matter how hard you try to rewrite the script.  Not to mention that in light of everything I have said here, and with our country already being so insanely deep in debt, can you honestly say that creating your so-called Socialist Utopia would be a good idea at this point in time?  I would HOPE the answer would be “no.” Under a Socialist Government, we certainly wouldn’t have the freedoms we enjoy now, because everyone would be forced to conform and share everything in the name of “equality.” I would say that borders on Communism, but I will say flat out that it sounds more like slavery to me. Being told what you’re allowed to think, say, and do?  We are already seeing a ton of censorship from the left and their Politically Correct “Police.”  It’s my job to take care of my family and see to it we have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  It’s NOT my job to protect your delicate feelings because I say what’s on my mind and it might make you cry in a corner in the fetal position with your binkie, blankie, and puppy.  To 50% of today’s Americans, I say: GROW THE HELL UP!


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