Humor at the DMV

My husband and I went to the DMV today to renew the registration on one of our cars. Before we went, a friend of ours had asked me to pick up a driver’s handbook so that she can study for her written test so that she can get her provisional license. So we put my cell phone number into the system in order to receive a text message to alert us when a window opens up for us, and went over to see if they do the written tests all day or just during certain hours.

Keep in mind that this is a large DMV in Las Vegas, so they have various ammenities such as a snack bar… because what DMV doesn’t need a snack bar? After getting the information on the hours of testing (which incidentally is any time during the hours of operation), we started walking back to the general waiting area. My husband told me he was going to call our friend to have her go down there and take her test, until I said to him, “she will need to look at the handbook first.” Well… SOMEHOW he heard it as, “she will need to lick a hamburger first!” We both had a good laugh at that, and sat in our seats.

Joe nudged me and said, “where do we get a handbook?” I responded with, “I believe they have a snack bar here.” He looked at me for several seconds increduously and finally asked me, “what does the snack bar have to do with getting her a handbook??” I busted up laughing and realized that I did the EXACT same thing he did a few minutes before. “I thought you were asking where to get a HAMBURGER!” We were both laughing so hard at the misunderstanding that we literally had tears coming out of our eyes! 

Lesson learned… APPARENTLY “handbook” and “hamburger” sound identical in a Department of Motor Vehicles setting! Either that, or we are both getting old! Haha!


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