Political Correctness Gone Mad

Political Correctness gone mad… That’s what has been going on in the United States lately. It’s getting to the point to where I no longer recognize America as the beautiful free country I have grown up with. People are becoming far too sensitive over just about everything these days, and it’s exhausting! 

I have been combing over news articles over the past several days, and the things I have been reading have really gotten me into a mental twist. To be fair, it’s been further fueled by some of the ridiculous comments over social media that have been posted mainly by the far left, some of which have been real head scratchers. 

The first thing I take issue with is a story I read regarding a public high school in Michigan, which is allowing the Muslim girls that attend to have their own private “Muslim Girls Only Prom.” Now, while I generally don’t mind a specific group having their own event, this is a little bit different since these girls are only allowing girls belonging to Islam, and to my understanding, it’s being held on the high school campus. I read a few highly obtuse comments when someone pointed out that the school is condoning racial discrimination, and someone posting that it’s not a racial thing but a religious/cultural one. This is fine and well, except…. I spoke with a few people who are of Middle Eastern descent, and this is what I was told: True followers of Islam do not view Western converts as being true Muslim. In fact, they actually have a word in Arabic for converts that effectively translate to “dogs of Islam,” and they consider them “reformed infidels.” Sorry to burst the bubbles of those Americans and Europeans who did convert, but you will never be put on the same social level of the Middle Easter Muslims in their eyes. They feel that the only TRUE Islamists are of Arabic descent like their prophet Muhammed, so yes… this actually does fall into the category of racial discrimination.

There was a guy in the thread regarding this story who actually said “Jewish Orthodox Schools” have Jewish only dances all the time. Yes, this is true, but you must realize that the Orthodox schools are parochial schools, which are not part of the public school system. They are private religious schools which are privately funded by way of tuition. There is no problem with this, as the students are enrolled their in order to not only learn the regular required curriculum, but also they learn the respective religion that the school was founded for and they learn the language of the founders of said religion. When a public school begins to favor one religion/culture over others, that’s where we have a problem. You see, a public school is paid for through the school district by way of tax dollars. To favor a religion/culture that is completely incompatible with the American way in a public school actually infringes on the beliefs and feelings of each and every individual tax payer, because they are being forced by the Government to pay for an event for a small group of people who are raised from day one to hate the American way and want to eradicate us from the face of the Earth. Yes, the Muslims in the Western World say it’s a “religion of peace” in order to catch Americans off guard. Yet it’s their Q’uran that says to convert the world to Islam, and kill those who will not. I can pretty much guarantee that if any other religious group demanded their own non-inclusive “prom” so that they could let their hair down and be themselves, they would be denied because it has no place in the public schools. Now think about this: When a public school, which is funded by tax money, does this… 95% of the individual tax payers (for argument’s sake) are being forced to fund an event for about 5% of the population who belong to this certain group that most Americans don’t agree with, we have a major problem. By testing the waters with what seems to be a harmless “prom” in which ONLY Muslim girls are allowed to attend, their group as a whole will start doing other things that American tax payers will foot the bill for. This is called a “silent invasion,” and the people on the far left will go right along with it, until it’s too late! It won’t be long until our freedoms and women’s rights start to be stripped away little by little.

My second issue is a little bit different than the first. Recently New Orleans removed a statue of Jefferson Davis, and Robert E. Lee is next on the chopping block along with other memorials, because a few people are “offended” by these images of American history. The fate of these memorials are not put to a vote by the people of the South, but are being decided by a small handful of only a few people. One thing they do not realize is that the men depicted by these statues were in fact regarded as heroes of their day. They were not just historical figures of a dark time in American history, but are also visual memorials to men who still have living descendants today. This is NOT ancient history… this only happened a few generations ago. Not only have the Southern people had their voices taken away at the whim of some City Officials, but the families who like seeing a life-like image of their ancestors have not been consulted about the removals of these statues. If you want to take them out of town squares, at least have the decency to give the direct descendants of these men the opportunity to have these statues! 

I understand that they might be painful to look at for certain groups of people, but the fact of the matter remains that these serve as reminders that America was not always a friendly place to all of the people residing within her borders. By removing them, you are depriving our youth of American history! Taking the statues down because a few people are “offended” and never speaking of the Civil War again will not erase history. In fact, you can’t simply erase history because the fact remains that it DID happen, and you can’t go back in time to change that! Sit in front of these statues with your kids, teach them about the Civil War in all of it’s atrocities, and remember that this historical event helped to shape this Nation into the country we have today! Don’t take out the visuals and simply ignore it! To do so is irresponsible and just plain stupid. You can’t rewrite history… what you can do is learn from it and be thankful for all you have today. Removing these visual reminders is a major cop-out, is disrespectful, and does a great disservice to your ancestors who had to overcome major obstacles in order for you to even be here today. You must learn so that history doesn’t repeat itself in a mere two or three generations, which it will if you just stick your head in the proverbial sand. Shame on all of you who are doing this! Again, to you these visuals represent slavery and other terrible things, but to others they represent family and where they came from!  You are hurting the descendants of these men because you are offended and overly sensitive. Yet, if someone were to remove a statue of Martin Luther King Jr., or Rosa Parks, there would be a major uproar! Honestly, I am so sick and tired of people trying to hold our generation accountable for things that our ancestors did over 150 years ago! Grow up, learn, and use the grey matter between your ears for something other than hair fertilizer!


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