My Thoughts on the Women’s March

Well, it’s been an incredibly eventful couple of days so far. Today in particular, is one I would like to speak on… not only as a woman, but as an American. This will be known as the day the women marched on the world! Oh, but not me… you see, I understand the need to be heard as far as my civil rights go.  HOWEVER (yes, you HAD to know that was coming if you’ve ever read any of my posts), I chose not to participate, and instead I have been spending my afternoon sifting through thousands of posts, tweets, and articles related to this march as well as watching various videos. Hey… it’s Saturday, I had a day off, and I wasn’t about to spend it walking around with a zillion pissed off women! Mostly, I just don’t like being in crowds. 

Anyway, as I was going through all of the events that were happening globally, I started to notice one very similar theme to today’s march. That theme was basically “I don’t entirely know why I’m marching, but I want equality and certain rights even though I already have them, but… you know… just in case…” I have a newsflash for you, and you certainly won’t like it, but I’m prepared for the fallout so here it goes: I have a mind of my own! I don’t need to go out and wear a pink knitted cap that represents my femininity,  while I pressure a new administration that had only been in the Whitehouse for 24 hours because of a MAYBE. It seems to me that all of the sudden the world has become flooded with prophets that seem to know without a doubt that President Trump is going to take away all of my civil rights as a woman, and those of my friends and family that are of “minority” blood or LGBTQ because pages on the Whitehouse website have gone missing. 

Can we just use our grey matter for a moment and look at things rationally for once without our estrogen-laced emotions getting in the way? BELIEVE me, I know what those emotions do when one is trying to look at something objectively. Just ask my husband! First and foremost, those pages did NOT go away. They have been archived, just like the pages of all the previous administrations. It takes a little time for the new President to get his collective shit together. Before you say “well, he had since November,” let me stop you right there. No… he didn’t. He couldn’t do ANYTHING with the Government website until AFTER he was sworn in. Given that yesterday was a full day of ceremonies, it makes sense to me that this new administration has not yet had the time to put everything on the website. Just because you can’t physically read your rights on the site, does NOT mean that you no longer have them. That makes just as much sense as saying “I can’t find my marriage license, so I must be divorced!” 

Secondly, if I thought that the new President was in any way, shape, or form like “Hitler,” I certainly wouldn’t be writing this right now. Let me spell this out for you… he is NOT “Anti-Semetic.” How could he be? Think about it. Ivanka Trump married a Jewish man… she had to convert to Judaism to get married in the Temple and for their marriage to be legal in the Jewish faith. So then, explain to me how he could be “against the Jews,” and be so close to his own DAUGHTER and Son-in-Law? Also, if I thought he felt that way, I would run for the hills and refuse him a chance on the sole basis that my step-father, step-sister, and her children (my now nieces and nephews) are from Tel Aviv! In fact, they are in Israel right now… as is my mother! So there’s that.

I’m watching the very people who are speaking out against “hateful rhetoric” go out and act in a hateful manner. As an American woman, I am embarrassed… as a mother, I’m horrified! I have been reading all day about women taking their children out for this march because they think it will be a great life experience for them. I have been hearing (and seeing) the language that people were spewing and had written on their signs, while wearing hats shaped like a woman’s intimate parts while describing said hats with the same vulgar moniker they admonished Trump for using on a hidden “hot mic,” was enough for me to NOT want my 11 year old exposed to this insanity! I want to preserve her innocence for as long as I can, because she’s still a child and I owe her a decent and memorable childhood. I don’t want to be the cause of her exposure to the ugly side of humanity. 

Now… for the fun part. Delving into the reality of the mass-media sheep. Everyone is wondering why all of the sudden everything seems so abrasive where the media is concerned. Has is even occurred to anyone that the reason it seems that way isn’t because the media changed? It’s because Obama is no longer there to play along with the media to make everything seem like some ubiquitous utopia. In fact, Trump is forcing the truth out of these media outlets and exposing the DYSTOPIA that was left behind in the wake of this parallel universe! Somehow, the previous administration had managed to hypnotize a large chunk of this Nation by way of the mainstream media, thus utilizing the “idiot box” to it’s full potential! Now there is no one left to carry on this patriotic illusion, and the magic of social media to talk to the masses has pulled back the lacy curtain to reveal the bones of what once was.
The simple fact is that Trump is the President of the United States of America. No, you can’t call to have him impeached just because you don’t like him. He actually has to DO something to be impeached FOR, otherwise you’re saying it’s okay to fire someone because you don’t like their eye color or their hairstyle. Large demonstrations like this is counter-productive because you create a disturbance that forces a police presence to keep the peace, leaving other areas of our country vulnerable. We don’t just want Trump to succeed… we NEED him to, because when he does, it benefits everyone. We can have a  bright future, because our country belongs to US again. I know it’s going to be a difficult road to recovery as it is, so let’s stop tossing boulders onto an already rocky path. We have been nurtured in our comfortable shells long enough, so let’s be as strong and graceful as the Bald Eagle that represents us, and fly out of the nest! Above all, please keep your hands and feet securely on the ride at all times… it’s going to be a wild one!

~Kristi S.~


Photos were NOT taken or created by me


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