Hollywood Strike? REALLY?

Goodness gracious…. Here I was hoping to find something really cool or witty to report and give an opinion on in this blog, but sadly that is not the case. Yes, we are STILL stuck on the insanity of the Hollywood Elite! Here I was having a fairly positive day, going out to eat, not worrying about social media or the mainstream that has become the laughing stock of the 21st Century… and then I opened Facebook and saw the news articles reported not only by some of the more questionable sites, but also reputable ones as well. I read that these spoiled egotistical Elitists were wanting to implement a full on strike in Hollywood that would trickle down from the actors, all the way to the souvenier shops! Oh joy! To make things even more amusing, I read that this strike would continue until Trump resigns as President! If you think that’s going to happen, then you are more out of touch with the world than I initially gave you credit for. You know what? Go right ahead, because the big vast Universe does NOT revolve around Hollywood! In fact, these days, some of the best shows and movies are actually coming out of Canada because the new generation of American writers just really don’t have what it takes to put ink to page to pen an entertaining script these days. They are SO bad at it in fact, that they have been recycling movies from 30 years ago!

Go ahead Hollywood, because I can assure you that if you strike, there are A LOT of people out here with tons of talent who are just waiting for that big break so they can replace the same tired old faces we have been seeing on the big screen, which for the record, the average working class American can’t afford to go see half the time anyway because the budgets on these films are astronomical due to your over inflated financial egos!

You know, based on what I have been reading today and seeing in the news, I actually hope that President Trump teaches you a lesson by reinstating the “House of Un-American Activities Committee” (HUAC) of the 1940s and 1950s. Surely you remember that… when actors and writers were getting blacklisted from Hollywood for being commies. Because let me tell you, whether you want to admit it or not, what you are insinuating by your actions is nothing less than a “my way or the highway because I am the shit” act of Communism. Back in the day, you would no doubt be tried for treason for speaking out about the leader of our country in this manner.  You are NOT politicians. You are high dollar actors who haven’t a clue how the world works because you’re so busy living in your cozy $2.5 million dollar bubble with your nightly filet minion (or have we all gone Vegan by now, I can’t keep up), that you make yourselves “feel better” by giving to various charities without actually getting out there to meet the working class who are suffering and just trying to eek out a modicum of a living.

If you want to get into politics, fine. Do what Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood, and even Sonny Bono did. Drop your acting, and learn the ways of the political machine. Just stop prattling on about a childish strike because the election didn’t go your way. You know what that’s called? Acting like a bunch of spoiled self entitled brats throwing a temper tantrum because you didn’t get your way. Get over it and move on, because you are all acting like the world is going to explode on the 20th when Trump is sworn into office. The last time I checked, the ONLY actress to claim to be psychic was Shirley McLane, and if SHE hasn’t uttered  peep about this, than neither should you! You’re supposed to be better than this, but boy was I fooled by your wonderful acting skills! 

Meryl Streep never even thanked the people who chose her for the Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe Award, being the ingrate that she is. Remember, it was your fans and your peers who put that in your hands, you self absorbed windbag! Everyone else seemed to accept their awards with grace and dignity. You accepted yours with a big “fuck you.”

In closing, I will reiterate this: if Hollywood were to go on strike and shut down, I can assure you that America will be just fine. In fact, it would be good for us with the onslaught of new techs, actors, key grips, musicians, and so on. I for one LOVE seeing fresh faces in the world of entertainment, and believe me when I say if it comes down to a choice between watching a new Meryl Streep movie, or football, all I have to say is: GO COWBOYS! Oh, and don’t let the door hit you in your Liberal Communistic stuck up asses on your way out! 

~Kristi S~ 


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