When you start writing again!

Well, here we go folks! I have decided to pick up my keyboard again after quite a lengthy hiatis. 

In the past few years, I think I had lost my passion for writing, but lately it has become such a cathartic outlet that I have decided it’s time to have my “voice” heard again… and OH what I voice I have! 

So here, I am adding into this little blog a new greeting and introduction. As with most of humanity, I like to rant and voice my opinion on things, especially when they piss me off. Writing is a wonderful outlet for this, because it really does keep me from strangling people. Not that I could actually do such a thing, but I think you all know where I’m coming from. 

So here, I will have opinions, rants, and short stories to share. I may even surprise you with a little poetry from time to time! I like to be colorful with my words, so even when I’m writing angrily, I may (and hopefully do) make you smile or even chuckle a bit! 

To be honest, most of my rants stem from the stupid shit I see, hear, and read regarding news stories. Let’s face it, humans can be pretty stupid creatures at times, and it can be really, REALLY entertaining to roast them for being a waste of space. I may write a few fictional things (which I actually do have here in my archives if you wish to check them out). 

So….. keep an eye out, feel free to let me know what you think, and hopefully I can even help a few people along the way. Not to toot my own horn (please ignore the fact that I’m frantically hiding my horn as we speak), but I have been known to give some great advice from time to time. Take a few moments if you wish to leave some feedback in my comment section (if there is still one on here LOL) and let me know what you would like to have me write about next! 

I will post from time to time, and publish mostly on Twitter. However, if you are on Facebook as well, do not fear, for I may post there as well for your reading pleasure! If I offend anyone with my views, well then, it sucks to be you.

On that note, I’m off to see the wizard, so look for my blog links in the near future!

~ Kristi S. ~


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