Thanksgiving is a tough time for me. I have to honor my mother’s side with the traditional feast, yet I have to honor my father’s Blackfeet heritage as well. I have come to a compromise, which I hope helps others in my situation. Yes, we have turkey and the fixings. We taught the white settlers how to cultivate this land. But because of the way we were treated by euro settlers, I have a story circle with my family, telling them of the hardships and the traditional stories of the Piegan Blackfoot. Instead of rolls, we have frybread. Cornpone is served,as well as a few other traditional #Native dishes. We honor Squanto and his dreams of peace with the settlers. We set out reminders of our NDN heritage, while playing drum music from Eagle Rib and Olivia Tailfeathers. After we eat, I tell my children of our history, and tell them of our spirit animals. We wear traditional regalia as a reminder to everyone of the intended peace of this first feast. So yes, being white and NDN is a MAJOR balancing act during this holiday, and I want my children and future generations to remember our past, our stories, and our hardships. But they also need to know the history of our Scottish heritage as well. Afterwards, we give an offering of tobacco to send our prayers to the creator. I call this a compromise, as I am proud of both sides of my heritage, and wish for my children to be as well. I hope this helps everyone who faces the same quandry. Honor where you come from, for if it weren’t for these sacrifices, none of us would be here. Give offerings of corn and grain for the next harvest, and give thanks for life. I love you all, and know that some #Natives have issues with this holiday for GOOD reason. But never forget how we started with trying to make peace. Yes, we were turned on once settlers mastered cultivation and hunting things they didn’t see in their wn native lands. But we prevailed. Some maintained full blood, or at least half. Some of us were’s so lucky with the generation dilutions. But through all, we stand #NativeStrong Never forget our ancestors. That said, don’t be bitter with this day, but use it to honor our tribes.  ❤



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