Extraterrestrial Cults and their Suicides

As I sit here and watch a show on the History Channel called “Ancient Aliens,” I really have to wonder what has happened to humankind.  People create cults through elaborate means of convincing people to follow them, thus, brainwashing them into the same frame of thinking, turning them into an unwitting bunch of lemmings.  What I effectively see, is that there is one suicidal person that, for whatever reason, doesn’t feel that life is worth living.  He concocts a story to manipulate the masses into thinking the same way. What is that saying? If you’re going to take yourself out, take as many people with you as possible, also known as the “lemming factor.”  That is exactly what these cult leaders have figured out. Take out their physical body, and reconnect with the beings that put us here!

Here is a question: if ETs put us on this planet, checked up on us to evaluate our progress and give us the means to move forward with technology in order to survive, and kept coming back to check on our progress and whisper in our ear for further communication and  technological advancement, enhancing our intellegence, etc.  Then having us commit suicide to reconnect with them would be completely pointless and a slap in the face to those who put us here! It would be an insult to those who put us here and nurtured us for millennia!  It’s akin to having a nurturing mother who taught you everything, gave you love, and took care of you, and then you killed yourself because you wanted to be back with her in spirit!  It would hurt her tremendously!  In fact, she might be sad, depressed, feel betrayed, and never recover!  So would it be safe to say that one day, the beings who put us here and took care of us for millions of years just MIGHT come back and wipe out this planet of ingrates?  Afterall, people have been proving that they do not appreciate, and in fact, throw it in our creator’s faces daily that they do not care about this precious gift that has been given to us! We kill ourselves and each other in the name on our creators, which was NOT the intent of our being put here! We were givien this beautiful gift of life as just that . . . a GIFT! Something that should be cherished. Yet we do not. WHY?  Who knows, our creators most likely know who are appreciative of what we have, who aren’t greedy, and who are full of love, and will be taken with them when it’s each individual’s time.  After they have learned lessons, and enjoyed life. The rest? Well, the jaded, misinformed, and defective, will just have to stay here and suffer the fate that the creators have decided to bestow upon them, no doubt by just hurling a firey comet at them!  To our dear “wonderful” Christian “Doomsdayers,” this is not . . . I repeat NOT . . . your precious Rapture! These are pissed off Alien Beings who were betrayed by their creations!  Hopping onto a spacecraft to meet up with said firey comet is completely optional!  Our creators intended for us to be peaceful. Even loving us to the point that religions were born of their interventions, giving us bits of technology meant for our advancement as a race, and not as a means to figure out creative and violent ways to kill each other off. When they do come back, WE will be the hostile race of warlike creatures, not them.  I hope that clarifies some things. I, myself, am not — I repeat NOT . . . Christian. However, I do believe in the 10 commandments, as we have something similar in our religion. For you die hard Christians, I would suggest you read through them again. And FOLLOW them. Otherwise, this world WILL be doomed. —– Just Sayin’


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